Thursday, November 20, 2014

Game Days at Our House

Notre Dame game days at our house are always a lot of fun.
We eat yummy appetizers, watch the game together and cheer for the Irish.
Some games are more fun than others,
but we always enjoy the game day experience.

Olive has her share of ND gear to wear so she's always decked out and so are we.  It's fun to sing the fight song with her, to teach her how to throw her hands in the air for a touchdown and to read her Irish picture books.  Her favorite is Let's Go Irish by Aimee Aryal.  It's a sweet book that has the leprechaun go to all the favorite spots on campus where he hears a chorus of Let's Go Irish!  We read this book multiple times a day at Olive's request.
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My mom sent Olive her first cheerleader outfit this year and it looks so cute.  I bought some pom-poms at Target dollar bins and the cats are more interested in them than Olive at this point.  She loves to wear her outfit and ends up twirling around in it.  It's adorable.

 Being a football fan can be an emotional roller coaster, but it sure is fun :)

Do you have any fun game day traditions for your family??


  1. Love your new design. I nominated your for a Liebster Award. Details are on my blog.

  2. Olive is so cute! Love her range of emotions :)

  3. Super cute!!!!! I have always wanted to get my niece the Rudy jacket, but its so expensive!

    And the Irish games have been depressing lately! :(


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