Thursday, November 6, 2014

Saving at Sams

Today's post is all about saving money at Sams.

We've had a Sams or Costco membership for the last several years and have really gotten some good deals.  Not EVERYTHING is CHEAPER at Sams, but many things are.  The membership is definitely worth the $40 or so that it cost.

Last year we purchased a Living Social deal for $25 for a new Sam's Club membership - it came with several food coupons for a free rotisserie chicken, apple pie, augratin potatoes and a few other free food items.  Keep your eyes peeled for that deal again this year if you are looking to jump on board.

Good deals $$$$$$$$$$:
kitty litter
sticky brushes for pet hair
Aveeno baby wash
contact solution
baby clothes
wrapping paper
toilet paper
paper towels
frozen fruits/veggies
fresh produce
electronics - TVs, cameras

We don't go to Sam's every week.  We tend to go a few times a month to stock up.  We also swing by to get gas anytime we need it because it's usually significantly cheaper there.

Some of our current favorite food items are:

10lb bag of potatoes for under $3
we've had baked potatoes, potato salad and more!
my favorite potato salad recipe can be found in the 2011 archives

 $3 bag of salad
Chipotle Ranch & Asian Salad
they are both delicious & make for the perfect side.

 2 generous dinners for under $10
tasty, easy and all white meat chicken!
no mystery meat is HUGE in a dish like this
Edamame was around $6 and makes for the perfect side dish

We also love their rotisserie chickens $5 for dinner, all of their produce and salad fixins,

What are your favorite items to buy at Sams/Costco??


  1. Growing up I hated going to Sam's cause that was our last stop before going home & I was always tired by the time we got there! I used to go get a book & find one of those office chairs they had set up so I could sit and wait for my mom to get done! But yes they have amazing deals..we always buy toilet paper, kleenax, razor refills, vitamins there. And lately I've noticed their clothing has a good selection. Their Eddie Bauer shirts are so comfy! I will definitely get a membership when I'm on my own!

  2. We don't have Costcos around here, but I'm Sam's all the way! My faves: baby wipes, (your) edamame :), Tyson Chicken skinless/boneless Breasts/Tenderloins (frozen), Red Baron Mini Pizzas, Taquitos, Carnation Instant breakfast, applesauce cups, 2-pack bottles of Mott's apple juice, Sangria ($5.99 for a big bottle).....


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