Sunday, November 16, 2014

Birthday Weekend

My 33rd birthday weekend was a lot of fun.

We ate dinner at a new hibachi restaurant.
Olive was a dream baby.
She was mesmerized by the cooking
and ended up with a lot of adoring fans.
She'd shout WHOA and OH MY at the slightest glimpse of a flame or smoke.
The chef thought she was sweet 
and we were all entertained.

We spent the whole weekend together.

I requested shopping ALONE
for myself and to work on Christmas shopping.
It was dreamy.
Trying on clothes, checking out everything I wanted to
and shopping at my own pace.

Kevin kept saying I could have whatever I wanted since I was the birthday girl.
I love getting my way :)

We had our first fire in our new house and enjoyed being together.
We did some light reading :)

 We watched White House Down (which was really entertaining) 
and Topher made a kitty hammock.

 I usually open my cards and packages as they arrive, but I decided to save them for my birthday this year.  It was fun making a little birthday pile.

 We wore party hats and pjs.
 Ate our favorite donuts.
 This was my first birthday where Olive was interested in my presents.  She wanted to help open everything and sit on my lap.  It was pretty sweet. 

 Kevin got me a fire pit and Olive was eager to try it out.
I'm eager to make some s'mores!

 The cats were in heaven with the wrapping paper to play in and sleep on.
It rained ALL day long on Sunday so it was the perfect day for a nap.

 I got sweet presents and lots of nice cards.

 Olive woke up at 6:00am on Saturday.  I tried to let her cry it out, but she wasn't having it.  I went into her dark room and as soon as I walked in she said LOVE YOU.  I quickly forgot that it was so early and got a wee bit teary eyed.  I snuggled her back to sleep and got a few more hours of sleep.  She told the cats love you once, but this was the first time she said love you to me.
Excellent birthday present, Olive.

 I made an Oreo cheesecake 
and I kind of wish I'd stuck to my typical birthday dessert of chocolate cake.
Not sure why I thought to change it up when I really don't care for change.
Maybe I'll make a chocolate cake this week :)

 Wonder if my birthday wish will come true this year??

Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes.
I loved reading them all weekend.


  1. Aw sweet olive girl!!! What an amazing birthday, Whitney!

  2. Thanks for sharing all about your fun birthday weekend! How fun that you got to shop alone...I know that's a luxury! :) My kitties love to play with and sleep on gift wrap too. Sounds like Olive has a knack for perfect gifts! That's so sweet. :)

  3. Happy birthday again! Those donuts look delicious! And we have a fire pit and love it!!


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