Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February Dinners

I love wrapping up the month by sharing my favorite dinners with you.  I cook 5-6 nights a week and make sure to photograph my favorites for you.  I hope you find a new recipe to try for your family in March.  The best meals of the month were:

1. A lighter Chicken Parmesan
I didn't bread the chicken and just cooked it on the stove top.  I sliced it VERY thin and put it on a bed of spaghetti.  I used Ragu Tomato, Garlic, Onion sauce with freshly grated parmesan cheese.  Our side was sauteed green beans, onions and almonds with a splash of lemon juice.  This is one of my very favorite meals!  I could eat it every night, but my hubby doesn't share my love for pasta.  He loved this dinner so maybe I can sneak in a pasta dish or two.

2. Lettuce Wraps and Quinoa blend
We got both of these at Sams and they were delicious.
The lettuce wraps were really good.  I added in some extra green onion and bought iceberg lettuce.  We both liked the grain blend, but I preferred it without the Thai peanut sauce.  It tasted like minty peanut butter to me, but Kevin loved it.  I think I'll make half plain and half with the peanut sauce next time.  The lettuce wraps come packaged for two dinners and the quinoa blend comes with enough serving to have it four times.  I didn't remember to snap pictures of this dinner, but the food looks exactly like it's pictured on the box.  That doesn't happen often :)
3. Chicken Wings
We picked up these chicken wings at Sams and ate them for several dinners.  They were tasty, but hard to eat.  I don't love wings so I felt like I was branching out by trying these :)  They bake at 385 degrees and I've never baked anything at that temp before.  I'd suggest baking them for 35+ minutes if you prefer your wings crispier.  They were also tastier when we brushed on some BBQ sauce before baking.  My husband splashed some hot sauce on his prior to baking and loved them.

4. We've also been eating a TON of salads
I've tried hard to keep my fridge stocked with ingredients to make at least one salad a day.  An unexpected bonus with all this salad eating is that Olive has started wolfing down all the veggies!  She loves cucumbers, carrots and is trying new things.

 5. Kevin had several work dinners to go to this month so I made meatless meals for dinner those nights.  We had black bean burgers (Morning Star frozen ones are my favorite) with all the sides.  Olive loved them too!  I also made Loaded Baked Potatoes several times this month.

 6. We had Italian Nachos for the Superbowl.  They are really easy and delicious.
You can find my recipe here.

7. It's gotten cold for Mississippi and my sweet neighbor called to say she'd made a big batch of Vegetable Soup.  She said it was too cold for us to get out and go to the grocery so she wanted to bring us dinner.  It was delicious and really sweet.  I've learned that when the temps fall below 30 in the South, people go into hibernation mode :)

Lots of cooking and lots of yummy food this month.
What's the best recipe you've made recently?
Share it with my in the comments!

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  1. Everything looks delish! I'm lucky, my hubs will eat pasta any time I offer it. We have pasta in some form every week. Your loaded potato looks sooo good!

  2. YUM YUM YUMMMMMM loving the way the Chicken Parm is looking! I thought it was shrimp at first! :) Thanks for the ideas! I'm needing to mix it up a little bit.



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