Friday, February 27, 2015


It's time for some confessions...

// Olive is obsessed with every office supply.  She unrolls my roll of stamps regularly, find stamp pads that I've hidden and scratches her fingernails in them or stamps her face, she finds pens and is quite the graffiti artist (poor baby gate, wall, coffee table and her own skin) and she has learned to say COLOR.  Which means she would like her crayons and coloring books ASAP so she can COLOR.  She yells the word and gets so excited.  It's cute until she starts COLORING on the furniture.

// We ate on Christmas dishes for a solid six weeks after Christmas because I decided it was too much work to switch out the dishes for my regular ones.  Don't worry, we are back to my white dishes and the Christmas dishes are stowed away until December.

// Kevin and I were cleaning out drawers and closets in our bedroom last weekend.  He came across a tiny framed picture of a newborn and said, "Isn't our little Liv adorable?!?!"  I responded by saying, "Ummmm, that's not Olive.  That's your niece Addie!"  He replied by saying, "Oh well, all babies look the same."  Ummmm I don't think so.  I guess I should print a newborn picture of Olive for his wallet so he doesn't have this problem again :)

// We went for a walk the other night and a neighbor asked if we'd come over to vote on a paint color for her house.  We said yes and headed her way.  She had four shades of green (which happens to be my favorite color) all ranging in shades from neon green, minty green, grass green and a more muted green.  I voted for the minty, Kevin said grass and Olive ran away from the house so I take it that she didn't care for any of them.  Another neighbor came over to cast her vote and said I vote for option #5 - none of these!  Time to head back to the paint store.  Then she walked away.  It was awkward and I felt bad for the sweet neighbor lady who asked us to vote.  She wasn't too phased and is painting her house her favorite shade of green.  Ahhhh gotta love some neighbor drama and for sticking to your guns.

// Olive has mastered saying Santa (seeeeeeeeennnnntaaaaaaaa) and Ho Ho Ho just in time for the new year.  She says it often and likes to point out Santas.  We were strolling around the mall and a man with a white beard was walking right towards us.  Olive points, yells out SANTA followed with a Ho Ho Ho.  It was hilarious and embarrassing all at the same time.  She was grinning ear to ear because she was sure that she'd spotted the real deal.  Now anytime she sees a man with a beard or with a sock hat on she shouts HO HO HO at him.

// I confess that I am not a fan of all these award shows.  I used to kind of care about what everyone was wearing or what songs/movies were winning, but now I couldn't care less.  It's kind of shocking to me how much publicity the events get.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I haven't seen a movie in the theater since Spring of 2013 or maybe it's just because I'm not that interested in all the very formal attire :)

// I bought my cats some new toys this week and my toddler has played with them more than the cats.

// We are entering a new phase of life at our house.  Out with the high chair and in with the booster seat.  Diapers are still our friend, but potty seats are now the coolest thing ever according to Olive.  We LOVE the booster seat and that it allows Olive to eat at the table with us.  She's thrilled with it and meal times have been much happier as of late.  The IKEA potty chair is great and Olive thinks it's a game to pee pee on it.  Unfortunately, both are green and she says pee pee when she sits on both.  Mom fail on my part for selecting a green potty AND booster seat.  Now to work on differentiating the two... haha.

 Do you have any confessions or funny stories to tell ME??


  1. At least Olive knows her colors?

  2. HAHA Love the last one! And Elizabeth loves our stamps too. I yank those away immediately, because that's money she's playing with!! :)

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  3. Lol! This is great!

    I'm with you on the award shows and am dying laughing at the potty chair/boosters. Also cracking up at the newborn photo mix up. I kinda agree with your hubs, all newborns do look the same haha!!

  4. Oh that green marker around her mouth in that first picture. Too funny! :) Toddlers definitely make life more interesting, don't they? Happy Friday!

  5. Olive is to cute!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  6. I can totally sympathize with the pain that it is to switch out dishes! For Valentines Day I dug out some chargers that were stored on a top shelf under several large platters and various holiday dishes. Instead of putting them back where they go, I just crammed them in between a couple boxes of cereal in the pantry. It was just easier. :)

  7. That is hilarious that Olive is saying Ho Ho Ho to any guy with a white beard and I agree with you on the award show thing. When I was younger I loved watching those shows with my mom and seeing what everyone was wearing but now I don't really care. Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. These are too cute! And that is such a husband thing to say - you better get that picture in his wallet soon :) Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!


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