Monday, February 23, 2015

Freezing Cookie Dough

I've just recently mastered the art of freezing cookie dough.  
I LOVE cookies and love being able to serve a dessert on a moment's notice.

The best way I've found to have FRESH cookies right from your freezer is to portion out the dough ahead of time.  Freeze the balls of dough and then bake them as needed.  I usually bake a sheet or two of the fresh cookie dough and then freeze the rest for later.

I love the Nestle Tollhouse cookie recipe on the package.  I followed the recipe exactly and added in m&ms and sprinkles.  I used my trusty cookie scoop to scoop them out and then put them on a cookie sheet to freeze.  I made sure they weren't touching and let them freeze overnight.

The next day, I transferred them to a tupperware container and left them in my freezer until I need to bake them.  Put wax paper in to separate layers if you have to layer your dough balls.  Bake them at 350 for 11 minutes if they are fresh cookies and for 13 minutes if you're using frozen cookie dough.  I also let them thaw a bit on top of the oven while it is preheating.

They are just as tasty as fresh cookies,
require much less work
and you can always have cookies ready to go.

Here's a picture of my frozen cookie dough to fresh cookies
as proof that they are just as delicious as fresh.


  1. Great cookie advice! I've frozen cookie dough before by wrapping it in wax paper and rolling it up, and then slicing them but they never come out that great. I'm going to try this way next time! =)

  2. This is such a good idea. I'm a lazy cookie baker and normally just buy the pre-made dough.

  3. There is one key element that you left out. You have to keep from eating all the raw cookie dough straight out of the freezer. Otherwise you don't have any cookies to bake. Ha. #askmehowiknow :)

  4. Why have I never done this before??? This is the best idea!!!

  5. Not sure why but I always forget to freeze things, I love how you can just pull some out of your freezer and bake them up at a moment's notice, thanks for sharing!


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