Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Olive @ 19 Months

Olive's 2nd birthday is quickly approaching and I'm trying hard to soak in all the cute things she does each month.  The time is flying and she is the apple of our eye.  I've decided to continue to do the monthly updates until she turns two in May.  Then the updates will be more sporadic and get posted when I have collected enough moments to share.

Mimi, Papawwwwww, Dadaaaaaaaa, Mama all the time
fwy = Flower
sippy = drink
seeeeeeeennnnntaaaa = Santa
hot & cold
sssssssssssssss = snake
ella = elephant
kay kay = cupcake or any treat
seepy = sleepy
tee = teeth
A,B, C, D, W and Y
bun bun = bunny
The great mystery of what "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh toooooooooooooo" was solved as I was hearing Daniel Tiger sing the last line of his song... I will tooooooooooooooooooo :)

-Pretending to whisper and tell secrets back and forth
-giving lots of hugs and kisses
-She loves to help clear the table after dinner.  She says help help help until we let her help.  We give her pot holders, silverware, s&p shakers and other small things to carry.
-Drives her cozy coupe (only in reverse bc it's easier) and waves bye to us
-She can now open pens and markers so no surface in our house is safe.  She also likes to give herself body tattoos when given a pen and a few minutes of alone time.
-Playing in the fridge, reorganizing, pretending to count and biting into all of the sealed cheese sticks is her favorite.
-She now pays attention to the temperature of things and is constantly saying hot and cold.  Guess she's learning the difference :)  She'll also spit something out and say HOT.  She shivers when she says cold.  Guess she's a little like Goldilocks only wanting things that are just right.
-Still loves water & playing in the sand
-Trying to repeat everything that is said
-You want to "help" with everything - laundry, dishes, getting ready, etc.
- You are eating more and more new things and loves everything that's on my plate

We had a well check this month so here are her stats:
weight 25 lbs - 59th percentile
height 34 in - 93rd percentile
head 29 cm - 95th percentile

She has 16 teeth now which her doc said is a mouth full.  No wonder she's wanting to try new things and eating more meat.  Her doctor commented on how great she was doing with talking (lots of words & phrases), eating, climbing, learning, growing and kept saying, "She's a smart one!" :)  We'll take it.

My favorite pics of last month were:

It's so fun to be your mama, Olive!!


  1. aww, these pics are just the cutest!! happy 19 months, Olive! (Havah called me Mimi too :D

  2. She is just so precious!!! My favorite pics are her with her dolly in the bucket and reading on the sofa with her daddy.

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  3. Love them all. Precious...

  4. Olive is just too cute! I love seeing your updates on her. You know, we've never watch Daniel Tiger, but I think we're going to have to give it a try!

  5. So cute!!! Enjoy her being little as much as you can!

  6. I love the monthly updates. These photos are just precious - especially the one with her and the cat on the table!! Olivia still only has 2 full teeth, and one top one cut in at Thanksgiving and still hasn't come through any more. I doubt she'll have a mouthful like Olive. What a tall girl!


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