Friday, February 27, 2015

The Highlights

It was a cold & rainy week at our house.  We were hoping for a bit of snow, but our snow day got rained out.  Boooooo!  If you did get some snow, go play in it and make some snow ice cream for us.  It's our first winter in Mississippi so we are still learning what Southern winters look like.

 The highlights...
 1. I decorated our house for St. Patrick's Day!  We love the holiday and my husband went to Notre Dame so we have always enjoyed celebrating this Irish holiday.  I try to decorate for every major holiday because it really adds some cheer to our house.

2. We've been stuck in the house a lot so I baked our favorite Banana Cake with homemade caramel frosting & pecans.  I'm normally a chocolate cake girl, but this cake is amazing!  I also shared my tips to make delicious cookie dough to freeze earlier this week.
3. I purchased this Squeezer reusable pouch for my daughter this week.  I'm hoping it'll replace those pricey puree pouches (say that three times fast :)  She LOVES it so far and so do it.  I'll wait and do a full review after we've used it for a few weeks, but my initial reaction is GREAT!!

4. I put together and mailed two care packages this week.  I had a lot of fun shopping for other people and sending some smiles to their doors.  I almost bought a pouch of those Starburst minis for myself - unwrapped and tiny sized seems like the perfect combo.  I also thought those nail polishes were perfect for Spring!

5. We have a Daylight Donuts shop right down the road from our house and we ate there twice this week.  Sunday donuts and dessert one night.  We rarely do that so it was definitely a TREAT!!

 Any big plans for your weekend??
Hope you have a great one!! 
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  1. OMG I want all of those donuts right now. Yum! And totally loving your St Patty's Day decor! Definitely one of my favorite holidays! Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. I love decorating for holidays. Your St. Patrick's Day decorations are so cute!
    You're killing me with the cookies AND the donuts. I want it all!!

  3. Love your decor! A donut sounds bomb right now.

  4. Love your St. Patrick's Day decorations!!

  5. Mmmm, donuts! Your St. Patrick's Day décor looks great! I always forget to decorate for it...

  6. LOVE! Olive's face looks like mine did when no flakes fell!

  7. I love the print above your mantel. Gorgeous!

  8. I love how you decorate for each holiday. It's so wonderful! Those new blue orbs you bought look great on the mantle. And love Olive's poo-poo face for no snow. What a bummer! Hope you have a great weekend!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  9. I moved South after living up North most of my life, and we don't ever get snow here either. Sometimes I just pretend that the rain is snow. ;) Your banana cake looks delicious. I love anything with caramel and pecans!

  10. Those donuts look amazing. We rarely get donuts, but I think it needs to happen soon. Yum. I'm sorry you didn't get any snow! I guess Mississippi wanted to give you the proper Southern winter experience. :)

  11. That first picture is so cute. I love that little irritated look she's got! We got plenty of snow. I did make some snow cream for the kids and we went tubing. I'm totally over it now though and ready for Spring. My kids have been out of school now going on 3 whole weeks!!!!

    I love those care packages. I enjoy sending stuff through the mail so much too :)

    Happy Weekend to you all!

  12. Oh those pouches! We tried the booginhead brand, but my daughter wasn't impressed. I will have to try these! They seem a little bit easier to manipulate than the ones I have.

    Thanks for linking up :)


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