Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Toddler Cot

Santa was so generous to us at Christmas that we had to leave our pack-n-play behind to make room for all of our gifts when we were packing up our car.  I didn't think it would be a big deal since we didn't have any upcoming travel plans in the new year.  We decided to make a trip to the coast in January and realized we didn't have anywhere for Olive to sleep.  

We have never had much luck with reserving cribs at the hotels we've stayed at.  We often reserve the crib on-line only to find out that the hotel doesn't have any cribs when we get there.  So my husband did a little research on-line and ordered this toddler cot for us to try.

It was light weight and easy to set up.
Olive had a ball playing on it and pretended to go "nigh-night" on it.

We took it with us, found a spot for it in the hotel room and gave it a try.  The first night was an utter FAILURE or a fun toddler game night.  I'd rock Olive to sleep, lay her down and she'd get right up.  She was confused about her newfound freedom, thought we were playing some kind of sleepy game and I was tired.  We had a king sized bed for the night so I just put her in the middle.  It was fine, but I'd rather not sleep with her.

The second night we had a smaller bed and a smaller room.  I put the cot right next to our bed surrounded by pillows and made sure the area was cozy.  I rocked her to sleep and she slept on it until about 4:00am.  She cried, couldn't be calmed down and I put her in bed with us to get a little more sleep.  Things were much better for the second night.  She seemed comfortable and we were too.  I brought her favorite blankets, bun-bun and her paci to make it seem more like home.

I prefer using her pack-n-play for future travel while she's still little,
but this cot was a nice alternative when the pack-n-play wasn't an option.
I think it'll be great to use as she gets older.


  1. I've never seen those. I'm going to think about getting one. Pack-n-plays are just so heavy.

  2. I've looked into getting one because they use cots at Jack's daycare so he is use to it. I figured it would be great for him to use whenever we travel.

  3. That looks perfect for traveling, and she looks so cute all tucked in!

  4. Santa almost bought the exact same cots for my kids this past Christmas, but I decided against it! It seems like a cozier option than the floor! :)


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