Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February Goals

I'm not sure what happened to January, but it flew by for us.  I think sickness, a bit of travel, nice weather and fresh starts jump started the whole month.  We are looking forward to February with a promise of good health, Valentine's Day fun and just enjoying each other's company.

Recap of January Goals...
1. Rearrange our downstairs which involves moving a sofa and our dining table and I'll need my hubby to help me.  I think the change will be really nice.
2. Plant the tulip bulbs that have been sitting in my fridge (as per the gardeners directions)
3. Read for fun - pick up a book instead of scrolling my insta feed for the million time or searching through pinterest for another new recipe to try.  I have a stack of new books that I'm anxious to get to this year.
4. Reorganize my holiday closet so that the Christmas is in the back and the other holidays are more accessible in the front.
5. Try out a few new story times to go to until we find one we really like nearby.
6. Make some phone calls that I've been putting off because I know I'll be on hold forever and Olive will need to be quiet while I try to have a coherent conversation.
7. Reorganize my kitchen cabinets - removing things I don't use and making room for a few new appliances.
8. Make some fun Valentine garlands
9. Make Olive homemade playdough
10. Head to Lowe's to return, buy a stove light bulb and an over sized light bulb.  This is out of my element so I've been putting it off
11. Get an oil change for my car
12. Be on the hunt for a circle ottoman and don't settle until I find the perfect one
I got lots done and am ready for a fresh start this month.
February 2015 goals:
1. I never got around to making playdough for Olive so that needs to be done this month.  I'm thinking some valentine colored play dough to make pretend cookies with would be a lot of fun.
2. Make a decision about getting a membership to the Children's Museum in Jackson.  It's $75 so I need to decide if I can commit to going enough for it to pay for itself.  They also have a story time on Wednesdays so I think it could be a good thing for us.
3. Make a trip to Lowe's to return a few things & purchase a few more.
4. Continue to read for fun.  I finished three books in January and would like to do the same in February.  I'm currently reading Lara Casey's Make it Happen and loving it.
5. Try two new dinner recipes
6. Make my own valentines to send out to family and friends
7. Make neighbor gifts of candy & cookies for Valentine's Day
8. Make time to do my Bible studies several times throughout the week instead of cramming to do them the days right before we meet again.  Also pray for the prayer requests on my own.
9. Clean out and reorganize all of the drawers in our master bedroom.  I can do most of them, but I'll need my hubby's help for his stuff.
10. Plan a visit for my parents to come to Mississippi.  We are working on this, but I'd love to have it finalized so we can start looking forward to it.
11. Initiate a few play dates/lunch dates with friends
12. Get moving - go for walks, walk at the mall (if the weather is bad), explore new parks and be active every day this month.
What are you working on this month??

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  1. Congrats on getting so many goals done in January. I need to do number 11 and 12 too. It would be fun to meet up sometime.

  2. You can read all my goals here http://perksofponder.blogspot.com/2015/02/february-goals.html
    You got a lot accomplished this month! I wish we had more fun activities to do around our small town. By the time I get home from work all I can manage is maybe one really fun activity with Jack. I'm really trying to work with him on his letters right now.

  3. I love these! And one month I am going to do them too. We did the childrens museum this year too. Olivia loved it and with the cold weather, we thought we'd go more. But after, she got super sick which I'm CONVINCED it was from there, when it could have been anywhere. So now we're second guessing it. But the germs can't get any worse than daycare right?


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