Friday, February 6, 2015

DIY Valentine Garlands

Have you noticed that holiday garlands are pricey in the stores??  I found a cute one for $15 and another for $20 and could not justify spending that kind of money when I knew I could make something similar for a fraction of the price.

My goals were to create several different garlands to put around my house, use a variety of materials so they were each unique and find fun ways to display them.

1. Paper Heart Garland
I used 6 note cards from a set I purchased at TJ Maxx
scotch tape
twine from the dollar bin at Target
and a heart hole punch
Punch as many hearts as you can out of the note cards.  I turned my punch upside down so that I could see exactly where I was punching and it helped me to get as many hearts as possible out of one note card.
Flip the hearts over and start taping them onto your twine.  Be sure to not let any tape hang over the edges and pay attention to the pattern if you are doing one.  I did a pattern of solid red and patterned red.
I hung these dainty little garlands all over the house.  On the mantle, in the bathroom, kitchen and on the front door wreath.

2. Heart Playing Card Garland

You'll need all the hearts from a deck of cards
one piece of ribbon 4 feet long
lots of other fun ribbon cut into 5-6 inch pieces
hole punch
sticker letters
Bags of crafts supplies are very enticing to toddlers :)
I had Olive help me sort the cards pulling out all the hearts.
She didn't really understand what we were doing, but loved helping me.
I punched two holes near the top of the cards to loop my ribbon through.
I used sticker letters to spell out MY VALENTINE and then strung the letters onto my ribbon starting with the last letter E first.
I hung the garland on our stairway and then got busy adding in all the short pieces of ribbon.  It's important to have a variety of textures, widths, shines, etc. on the ribbons so that your garland is really colorful.
 I added one type of ribbon at a time and made sure to spread them out.

3. Yarn Pom Pom garland
red yarn
red and white twine

Make at least 10 pom poms of about the same size
(I used this technique & I used a fork instead of my hand to make smaller pom poms)
knot them onto the twine with equal spacing
that's it :)

4. Striped Index Card Garland
pack of striped index card from Wal-Mart
red yard
puffy heart stickers from Dollar tree
scotch tape

Olive helped me make this garland.
She was in charge of placing all the hearts on the purple cards.
I taped them onto the yarn and they look great!

 I love all these festive garlands adding pops of color around my house.

 Happy {almost} Valentine's Day!!


  1. Super cute and oh so crafty!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cute! We've been cutting out hearts in Sunday school, so I'm hoping to complete a garland or two in our room.

  3. I love these garlands! And you make them look easier than they originally look. Like I might be able to make these. :)


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