Friday, February 13, 2015

Our Valentine's Day Traditions

How does your family celebrate Valentine's Day??

We don't spend TONS of money,
but we do make sure to do TONS of fun things.
Valentine’s Day turned into a fun Valentine’s Week at our house.  We’ve made a point to do sweet things all week long to spread the love.

We mailed valentines to family and friends.
We did toddler centers with a Valentine theme.
We’ve worn everything pink and red that we had in our closets.
We baked cookies for friends.
We received several Valentine’s packages and sent one.
We read lots of sweet valentine books.
We went on a family date night.
Kevin and I always exchange cards & go out to a fun dinner or get take out.

We got Olive a little basket of goodies to open on Valentine’s Day morning.  Heart sunglasses, heart necklaces, rubber ducky, heart stickers and an Elmo coloring book all from The Dollar Tree.  I also need to disclose that everyone was very generous to Olive at Christmas and I saved a few of her Christmas gifts back to give to her at Valentine’s Day.  She got several toys and fun things so I figured she’d enjoy them (fun flash cards with touch & feel sections and Daniel Tiger action figures) more if I gave them to her later.  Brilliant idea – huh?

We’ll likely eat some heart shaped pancakes this weekend, deliver some treats to our neighbors, watch a movie, eat some yummy dinners and make some brownies to celebrate Valentine’s Day this weekend.

I saw this cute idea that I’m going to save for next year:
Snail mail Olive a valentine from us telling her how much we love her or listing the things we love about her.  I think she’d love to get real mail next year.

What does your family do to celebrate Valentine's Day?


  1. While my sister was in college and then living with us, I always made her a little bag of Valentine's Day treats and left it in her room for her to find on V-Day. This year I sent it in the mail - it's not quite the same. :( I always get a few little things for Paul to enjoy throughout the week. I like to stretch it out like you do too. :) We either go out or have a nice meal at home - this year we're eating in. The combo of Valentines Day and Saturday night spells chaos in this town! I'm looking forward to making him a special supper. :) Happy Valentines Day!

  2. We don't really have a Valentine's tradition but I love all the things that y'all do. Jack will be spending most of the day with his dad so I'm going to spend the day doing stuff that I enjoy. I hope that y'all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  3. how fun!! you are the best mom!!


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