Monday, February 23, 2015

Target Favorites

I love Target and can always find a cart full of things I "need" when I'm there.  Fortunately, for my budget, my toddler seems to save her biggest tantrum throwing for Target.  She's had one good trip for about five not so great ones so I usually save Target runs for my solo errand days.  I'm hoping she'll eventually wise up and learn to love Target like her mama :)

I wanted to share my favorite Target items with you today
and I'll share them in the order that I usually check out the store.

// 1 //
Target Dollar Bins
I always pick up notepads, seasonal items, toddler crafts and snacks in this section.  I've had great luck finding twine, washi tape, labels, stickers and for parties.

// 2 //
Toddler leggings & toddler clearance
I usually stock up on the leggings when they are on sale or when they clearance them out at the end of the season.  They seem so comfy, come in a variety of patterns and are perfect for a busy toddler.

// 3 //
Flats & toddler shoes
I always have to size up, but I love their affordable, on trend options each season.

// 4 //
Make-up Remover Wipes

// 5 //
Party supplies - they clearance them out regularly so I stock up.

// 6 //
Plastic plates in all shapes and sizes.
I love their holiday ones and their solid colored plates.

// 7 //
Curtains & curtain rods
I've been really happy with the sets of curtains I've purchased here - black out curtains and several floral sets.

// 8 //
Storage containers
I stocked up on these when we moved from Utah and they have lasted for two addition moves and are in GREAT shape!
// 9 //
We love all of the Archer Farms trail mix and nuts.
They are on sale regularly and make for the perfect road trip snack.

// 10 //
Books - they've got a great selection of books for toddlers to adults.  I love checking out their holiday books and picking up a few new books for myself.

Also, if you are not using the Cartwheel app for Target savings you should be!!  I have saved $60 by using the special discounts they offer on the app.  It's really user friendly and saves you tons of money.

What are your favorites from Target??
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  1. Some of these items are things that I love about Target too - definitely can't go in without browsing the $1 spot! And their flats are always my go to - they're pretty comfy, and because they're so reasonable, I don't feel too bad if they get ruined while out playing with Caleb:) I've never tried their makeup remover towelettes, but will def add to my list next time I'm there! Thanks for the suggestions!:)

  2. You are not alone in your love for Target! :) I use their makeup remover wipes too, can't live without those. I love Cartwheel - especially when it gives you a discount on clearance items!

  3. Ohhh that trail mix. Now I'm craving it. I have seen those make up remover wipes on a few blogs. I think I will have to try them :)

  4. I love Target, and am torn between I'm glad its not close and sad at the same time. I have used the cartwheel app once and it saved around $5 plus I have coupons on top of that. I need to make a trip to Evansville soon! :)

  5. I love Target Trail Mix!!! The kind with dried pineapple and coconut flakes is the best:)

  6. The Dollar aisle is so great! I almost always walk out with two or three things from that aisle! I also love going through the clearance racks, especially the mens' clearance racks to get big comfy sweatshirts and t-shirts to wear to bed!

  7. My favorite thing about target is the Starbucks inside :p but really, I'm like a moth to flame in that place.

  8. Olive needs to get on board and find her love for Target. It is the best store ever! Taking a solo trip with some Starbucks sounds amazing. Oh and it wouldn't hurt if I had a $100 gift card in my pocket. I need to try the trail mix. I love book shopping at Target. I always find several books I have to have.

  9. Love those makeup remover wipes, and they always have a cartwheel percent off for them!

    I also always get a book for my little one when they come out with the new holiday ones!


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