Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekending in Oxford, MS

We had a great weekend getaway to Oxford, MS.

The forecast was a little questionable, but it ended up being perfect!  We had been wanting to visit Oxford for months and were excited to sneak away for a quick weekend.  We drove the 2.5 hours up there on Saturday morning and we stopped in at the Visitor's center, got some maps and were set for a fun day.

Kevin had tickets to go to a local craft beer fest that was going on so we dropped him off there and Olive and I strolled and shopped our way around the square.  We did all the girly things while he did his manly craft beer sampling.  Win-win for all of us.

I had scoped out some stores ahead of time and just popped in other interesting stores.  There's clothing, shoes, books, decor, jewelry and everything in between around the square.  The stores are a teensie bit hard to get in and out of with a stroller, but we made do.  I think I'd just probably bring our smaller stroller for our next visit to make things easier.
Our favorites stores were
Turkoyz - accessories
Square Books & their amazing kid's section
Olive Juice Gifts
{Olive acting like she owned the place :)}

South Depot Taco Shop was amazing!
I ordered the build your own nachos for Olive and I to share and I think I'd make a return trip to Oxford JUST for the NACHOS.  They were that good.
Our nachos had: rice, black beans, grilled chicken, queso, shredded cheese, black olives, jalapenos, lettuce and pico on top of a ton of chips.  I'm drooling just thinking about them :)
Olive wolfed them down and so did I. She loves olives and likes to put them on her fingers before eating them.  Silly girl.
We met up with Kevin, did a bit more shopping and decided we'd earned some yogurt at Ya Yas Frozen Yogurt after walking around for hours.  It was so icy and they had a great selection of toppings.  We all loved it.

The clouds were lovely all day and so were the Magnolia trees.

I found this cute little playground right off the square and we had a blast there!
Olive is fearless so I was glad to have an extra set of hands.
 She was worn out by them time we headed back to the car a few hours past her usual nap time.  She plopped herself down right in the parking lot - haha.

all things Ole Miss and the Ole Miss campus
Olive wore Rebel colors and wanted all the smocked dresses.
I don't blame her.
Football in the South is so much fun!
 We did a quick tour campus seeing the highlights and walked through The Grove -
I'm sure it's quite a sight to see on game day

We had a great time and would love to go back.  There were so many restaurants we'd love to try and I'm always game for more shopping.  See you soon, Oxford.

 Of all the sights and sounds of our trip,
a strong contender for the best part was the phone in our hotel room.
RIP good old land lines!!

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  1. What a fun time! I would love to visit Mississippi sometime. It really looks like a beautiful state.

  2. What a great weekend!! Olive is seriously adorable and her Ole Miss colors are fantastic :) I've never been to MS but would love to - especially with fun festivals and nachos like those haha. Stopping by from A Cute Angle :)

  3. I adore little downtown cute areas :) Looks like so much fun.. I want to go there for a football game
    Happy Monday
    Chelsea @

  4. Thanks for sharing your fun weekend! Nachos are one of my favorite things to order out - those look amazing!


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