Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Thank Your Notes that Might Never Be Written

Do you ever wish someone would write a thank you note and they don't??

Maybe you give an extra thoughtful give, do something really nice for someone, host a party or event or have your entire family over for dinner and wish you'd get a thank you afterwards??

I've been in this situation several times with 
my parents
my husband
my friends
and coworkers.

I've seen them all go out of their way for other people and they don't get thanked afterwards.  I am sure that the people appreciated their efforts, but I know it would have meant a lot to them to receive a thank you.

How do you combat this problem??
You write them a thank you note yourself.
You write from the perspective of the recipient of the kindness and write it to the people you care about.  You include the thoughtful details and it'll make them smile to see that you've noticed their efforts even though they weren't 

Here are some examples:

A friend went out of her way for her husbands family, people had a good time but no one said thank you afterwards.  I sent a thank you email from the inlaws and commented on all the special details my friend had put into the weekend.  My friend smiled and appreciated getting a thank you note that would most likely never have been written.

A note was written from two ladies in one family
from their mother in law
Thanking her for planning such a wonderful family vacation and it gushed on and on about all of the thought and efforts that went into their time together.
Both ladies smiled.

A couple hosted a lovely event for family and friends
people had a great time, pleasantries were exchanged and I felt like a gushy thank you note was in order.  I sent a note detailing all of the wonderful things about the event and they felt like all of their hard work was noticed and appreciated.

My husband did a massive amount of work to help a younger student excel in their program.  He spent countless hours helping, guiding and mentoring.  It was an exhausting relationship that taught my husband a lot of patience and understanding.  The student was appreciative and expressed his gratitude often.  I was really proud of my husband and I could see the massive time commitment that this had been.  So I wrote him a thank you note telling him how proud I was of him and listed things that this student had to have been so thankful to learn from him.

Sometimes thank you notes don't come 
when you expect them to
Sometimes you've got to take matters 
into your own hands
and thank the people you love & care about 
a genuine thank you feels good 
regardless of who it comes from.

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  1. You've got me really inspired to start writing old-fashioned thankyou notes and not just a facebook status or a text message:) Can't wait to try it out <3 Have a great day! V. XO



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