Monday, May 12, 2014

May Goals

Well now that it's almost MID MAY... I should probably write out my goals for the month.  I've been thinking about them all month long and working on some of them but it's been BUSY at my house this month.  A good kind of busy but still busy :)

1. Blog and document all of our May adventures so far - Utah trip, Graduation, tips for flying with a baby, Wyoming trip, Mississippi road trip, etc.

2. Finalize the details for Olive's birthday parties!  We are having two parties in Indiana and two small parties in Arkansas.  I'm doing the same colors for all of them - pink, gold and black so I just need to make 10 or so lists and finalize the details with my mom and MIL who are helping.  The invitations are darling and were mailed out weeks ago.  I still need to buy party supplies, make some garlands, review her secret pinterest board and print photos for the party.

3. Reorganize our closets for Spring - clear out the clothes that Olive has outgrown, launder clothes she's growing into and switch my closet from winter to Spring.

4. Finish uploading pictures to Snapfish.  I got a lot done last month but need to do this frequently to make sure that the photos are backed up in several spots.

5. Start finalizing travel, moving and vacation plans for this summer.  There are lots of moving parts in our summer and things are starting to fall into place.  We are planning our move for July and have some trips to finalize for June and August.

6. Get caught up on thank you notes.

7. Read through my giant stack of ignored magazines and then toss them.

8. Keep on track with my healthier eating, exercising and accountability.  I've been weighing in daily because I find it helps me stay more accountable than the bi-weekly weigh in I was doing.  Plus it helps me to see a visual reminder of my exercising and weight loss. I've still got a ways to go but I'm enjoying my new routine.

9. I have some car related business items to take care of - new license plates, appointment at Macco, car wash and figure out some other business items for a car we are about to pay off!!  Hooray!!  It'll be nice to have one less bill each month.

10. I made an Arkansas to do list for the remaining months we have here and we need to get busy on getting things done!!  I'm hoping to take a few more road trips, day trips and adventures around town to make the most of our time here before we move this summer.

11. Read for fun instead of being on my phone.  I'm guilty of scrolling through pinterest, reading blogs and being on instagram all throughout the day instead of reading something for pleasure.  I've got a stack of books I'd like to read so I just need to switch my focus.

12. Be spontaneous - I'm not good at this one but I almost always have fun when I give it a try.  Go out to dinner with friends during the week, go and get ice cream or have a coffee date or just sneak in some extra fun throughout the month.

Hope you're having a great month!! 

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