Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Favorite Foods in Jackson

We tried several new restaurants that were delicious while we were in Wyoming and I wanted to share them with you in case you are ever there to visit.

We got in town late at night and there weren't many restaurant options open so we headed to the hopping place in town called Snake River Brewing.
 The environment was fun and the food was just okay.  It seemed like most people were there to sample their local beers and enjoy the live music.  I probably wouldn't go back for the food.

 We had breakfast at THE BUNNERY and I've mentioned it several times before.  It's a delicious breakfast spot in the middle of downtown and everything they make is sooooo good.  I got my usual omelet and Olive got a blueberry muffin.  Everyone loved their food.  They also have a clown on staff to entertain the kids as they eat.  I wasn't sure what Olive would think when the clown picked her up and wanted a photo op.  Turns out she's not afraid of clowns :)

 I don't know of too many Haagen Dazs shops so we always make a point to visit the one on the square.  Their Brownie A La Mode ice cream is amazing!!  You know you love your daughter when you share bites of the vanilla section with her.  She's a big fan :)

 We tried Moos' Gourmet Icecream on the other side of the square and it was delicious too!  So good that I don't have a single picture to show you their delicious Oreo, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate and Berry Sorbet. 

 A perk of visiting a place in their "off season" was great deals on food.  Someone recommended we try Local and so we checked it out.  It is a pricey place but they were running a buy one get one special on all entrees!  The restaurant is right on the square and is beautiful!
 They brought out a crusty loaf of bread with their fancy infused butter.  We easily wolfed down the whole loaf.  Then we all got steak of some sort - ribeyes, sirloins and Kevin tried Elk medallions.  They were all de-licious and then you order sides family style and share with everyone.  They also have a wide variety of special sauces to compliment their steaks.  I got an apple chutney one and it was delish.  We got mashed potatoes, au gratin potatoes and bacon Brussels sprouts.  I'd never had Brussels sprouts so I was anxious to try these.  They did not disappoint and the addition to bacon on any veggie is always a wise decision.  The boys said their local beer was yummy too.
 Olive was an absolute DREAM and slept through our entire meal.  We enjoyed good conversation, amazing food and then like clockwork the baby woke up when the check came.  Couldn't have asked for a nicer meal for our last night in town.  We will definitely come back!

 Kevin found a new breakfast place on the way out of town and they serve THE WORLD'S BEST PANCAKES according to me :)  It seemed like a place where local's hang out and the staff was so friendly.  Everything was really affordable and everyone was eager to talk to Olive.  At one point it seemed like every table was waving and smiling in our direction.
 HUGE, homemade pancakes
 Great eggs and the biggest, thickest bacon you can imagine.
My FIL declared it the BEST bacon he's ever eaten :)
 We'll definitely be going here again on future trips.

I'm hungry after revisiting all of the delicious food that Jackson has to offer!

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