Friday, May 2, 2014

Thank You Notes on Social Media

Is it possible to thank someone using social media??
I've used Instagram, emails, texts and facebook to thank someone for a gift.  I often sent a personal thank you note first and then followed up with a mention on social media.  People like to be acknowledged when they take the time to give you a gift so social media thank yous might be a good option for you. They're often free if you are on a tight budget and it's really quick and easy to send someone a message.

Here are a few ways I've THANKED people on social media:

I recently posted this picture and commented how cute Olive looked in her new dress from my sister.  I tagged her in the picture so she'd see it and know I really appreciated the summer clothes.

 Olive got this bunny from one of my students before she was born.  It's her favorite stuffed animal and I posted this picture last week.  I wanted the person it was from to know that Olive loved it so I tagged her in my comments and told her that the bunny is Olive's #1 stuffed animal.

 A family friend gave me this cart cover for a baby shower gift.  I sent her a thank you note when I received the gift but I think she'd think it was sweet to see Olive getting big enough to use her gift.  I decided to send her a private message on facebook thanking her for this really practical gift and told her we use it often.  She was thrilled and I'm hoping she was happy to see us using it.

 We had dinner with friends last week and had a really fun time.  We headed home when Olive got tired so I texted this picture to them to thank them for a fun evening.  I said that we enjoyed hanging out with them and couldn't wait to do it again soon.

 My cousin is our family photographer so anytime I use one of her pictures I tag her in it or send her a message thanking her for her good work.  This was our Christmas card picture last year and I know I texted and maybe tagged her in the picture to thank her because I loved it so much.

 My mom and dad like to surprise us every now and then with dinner gift cards.  We got take out one night thanks to their gift card so I texted to say thanks for taking care of our dinner that night.  I also sent a snail mail thank you but I think the follow up text helps illustrate the fact that we used the gift card and really appreciated it. 

 When a friend shares a recipe with you, send them a text if you make it!  A friend gave me her brown bread recipe and I think of her every time I make it.  I often send her a picture of my bread, say it's not as good as hers and that I'm thinking of her.  Hopefully she knows I appreciate the recipe and that I have happy memories of enjoying her bread.

E-mails aren't my first choice for sending thank you notes but sometimes it is your best option.

When I was teaching, I'd send out emails to thank families for Christmas gifts or end of the year teacher gifts.  Students weren't the best at taking notes home so I knew if I emailed their parents they would definitely get my thank you note.

I've also emailed co-worker thank yous, family members and businesses.

Any other suggestions for me??
Check back in this afternoon because I'm talking about a fun, FREE app that will help you write and mail thank you notes from your PHONE!!

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  1. I kinda wish EVERYONE would read this post. I'm a HUGE thanker and actually mostly still do mailed thank you notes for everything. What drives me crazy is when a friend says thanks on IG for something someone else gave her kid and then when I mailed her kid something, I get nothing. I don't send gifts for the thank you, but it makes you wonder why you didn't get a shout out!


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