Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Favorite MOMs :)

Happy Mother's Day to all you ladies, moms or soon-to-be moms!!
I hope you have a wonderful day
celebrating, remembering and honoring your moms.

My husband and I are lucky to have such sweet moms.
 Thank you for being you!!
A few of my favorite things about you:
you like accessories
you love to bake
you are an excellent party host
you are so sweet to Olive
you have the Heilman Hotel ready for us anytime
you taught me how to decorate for all holidays
you know our favorite foods and try to make them for us
you don't love to travel but you travel to see me
you taught me the importance of writing thank you notes

PAM (aka my MIL)
 My favorite things about you:
you have the best son :)
you like to travel
you find great toys for Olive
you taught me how to make a perfect pie crust
we are both teachers
you love to gush about people and make them smile
you are a great shopper
you send cards to people you love

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