Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Olive at 10/11 Months

Dear Olive,
You are acting more and more like a big girl and less like a baby each day.  You are learning new "tricks" and always outsmarting us.  You are into e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.  You are so curious and smart.  We are constantly impressed with how quickly you learn things - clapping, waving, saying hello, opening all cabinet doors, clearing book shelves, and playing with your toys.  We affectionately call you our baby tornado because you leave a path of destruction wherever you go :)

You've turned into quite the snuggly baby.  
In part due to teething and in part because I think you just like to cuddle.

 Car trips have gotten a little trickier now that you are mobile and stay awake while we drive.  You require lots of toys, snacks and attention to keep you happy in the car.  We also upgraded your car seat to a convertible one and I think you appreciate having room to spread out.

 You love to chew on car keys and cheerios.  We find cheerios all over the house and I'm constantly cleaning up your little trail of crunchy treats.  We find you lounging around more and more.  You also still love to take baths.

 You cut your four top teeth all at once and it was a pitiful sight to see.
We stayed home in our pjs for several days to take it easy.

 You have SO much to say!  You wake up talking and babble all day long.  You seem to speak in baby sentences and talk with your hands.  I pause in your conversation and seem to be wanting a response. I only wish I could speak baby :)  You say mama, mommy, dada, no, hi, hello.  You pick up my phone and say hi which is an adorable little trick.

 Your hair has hit a bit of a growth spurt.  You seem to sprout more and more each night when you sleep.  You actually woke up with a bit of bed head and it was adorable.  Your dad and I always talk about your new hair - what color will it be?  will you have cowlicks like you dad?  will your hair curl like mine?  We will be anxiously taking note of your hair growth in the coming months.

You are BUSY!
Walking along the furniture.
Standing up on your own.
Playing under the table.
Watching out the windows.
Chasing the cats.
Following us everywhere like our little shadow.

The funniest things for you are:
peek a boo
bubble blowing
silly sounds
Our "easy bake oven" is very interesting to you.  You get on your very tippy toes to try to reach the nobs and handles.  You also love to be in the kitchen when I'm cooking.

You master the funniest things... like turning the printer on and off.  You are so proud of yourself and I'm amazed that you know how to do it.

You are not a fan of:
being told NO
not getting your way
eating meats
getting a baby mani/pedi
wearing hats or sunglasses
having your food put on a plate - you'd rather eat off the table

We are so thankful for you and love seeing your personality shine through more and more as each month goes by!!  We sure do love you!!

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