Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Registering for your FIRST baby

You are having a baby and now it's time to create a registry!!

I remember going to Babies R Us to start our baby registry and feeling completely overwhelmed.  There are SO many baby products out there and everything is advertised as MUST HAVES.  Baby items add up quickly so it's important to focus on the necessities and not register for the whole store.  

My husband and I created our registry when I was about 7 months pregnant.  I had it done well in advance of my showers so that my guests could shop from them.  I started them in the store with my husband and then I fine tuned them on-line from home.  I'd suggest only registering at 1-2 places because it gets confusing if you do more.

Here are my MUST HAVE items for your first baby:
Registering for your first baby
crib bedding
crib mattress
crib sheets
changing pad and cover dresser-
We used the closet in the nursery for family storage and put all of her clothes in her dresser.
glider or small rocking recliner
monitor -
our nursery was very close to our master bedroom so we just got a sound monitor to save a little money.  We were really happy with it.
pack n play for travel
rock-n-play sleeper-
my baby slept in our bedroom for the first few months and she loved this contraption!!  It held her nicely, I could lean over and rock her in it to lull her to sleep and she enjoyed sitting in it when she was awake while I got ready.  We also took this with us when we traveled instead of the pack n play when she was really little.
storage containers to match your decor

bath essentials -
I love the smell of Johnsons but it was too harsh for my baby.  We switched all of her lotions and body wash to Aveeno and have been really happy. 
bibs - absorbent and soft
bottles -
Dr. Brown's were our favorite.  They worked great for us when I was pumping and when we switched over to formula.  We bought six 8 oz bottles and that seemed to be the perfect number for one whole day.  I'd clean them every night so they were ready for the next day.
bottle brushes & dishwasher container for bottle parts
Boppy Pillow -
I used this when breast feeding early on but we got much more use out of it as a support pillow for our baby before she was mobile.  We'd put a blanket on the floor and prop her up on this.  She'd nap on it, too!!
Bumbo seat with tray-
We used this all the time for the first 6 months or so before she was ready for her high chair.
car seat w/ car base
2nd car seat base-
If your baby will be riding in different vehicles, it's easiest to have a base for each car instead of constantly switching the base from car to car. 
diaper bag - my tips for choosing the perfect diaper bag 
**ERGObaby carrier -
This is the 2nd carrier that I've owned and should have invested in it sooner.  My baby loves to be carried in it and it's a must have item when you need your hands free but your baby still wants to be close to you We've hiked, shopped, fixed dinner, gone for walks around the neighborhood and visited parks in ours.  I'm excited to keep using it as my baby grows because it is so nice!!  Here's the version I own - Ergobaby Carrier
Exersaucer / Jumperoo toy
Happiest Baby on the Block book
high chair -
This could wait until later on since the baby won't be using it for a while but you will get a discount coupon to buy any remaining items on your registry before the baby arrives.
hygiene care kit
pacis - 
several varieties of pacis because you won't know in advance which one your baby prefers
rug for nursery
spoons/snack storage containers
stroller that car seat fits into
swaddle blankets
**SWING!!! -
The rock n play sleeper will work for the first little bit but it is ESSENTIAL that you have a swing.  There are so many varieties so just find one you love.  I had to have one that was compact, plugged into the wall so you didn't have to deal with batteries and had options for speed/music/vibration.  My baby took MANY naps in her swing and it was so nice to have a spot for her that she loved to hang out.  
The Graco Glider was a lifesaver that we couldn't have lived without!!
The Wonder Weeks book
umbrella stroller
 ** not pictured in collage but VERY VERY important**

Your baby will be interested in and playing with toys much sooner than you might think.  Register for toys, taggy toys, play mats, soft toys, rattles and teethers so that you'll be set when your baby starts showing an interest.

I would NOT register for:
books, clothes, accessories, several big furniture items, lots of decorations/nursery decor or items for the baby to use after the 1st year because people tend not to buy those things off registries and would rather just pick something out on their own.  I wouldn't spend a lot of time selecting blankets, wash cloths and bibs because people will likely just pick out something to surprise you with.
We purchased a bottle warmer and sterilizer and barely used either one.  We did buy a bottle drying rack but found it too bulky and quit using it after a few months.  We started out with a Chicco baby carrier because it was more affordable than the Ergo.  Big mistake!!  It worked well for the first month or so when my baby was tiny but it hurt my back too much to carrier her in it once she started growing.  I've heard mixed reviews on wipe warmers and diaper genies so do your research to see what would best meet your needs.   

Did I forget anything that you loved??


  1. Love this! I might have to reference this when we decide to have #2... it's been a while and I've forgotten what items I used a lot and the ones I didn't.

  2. I really, really wanted one of those rock and play sleepers. However, we've been using the travel bassinet my sister bought instead because it seems like a waste of money to invest in yet another sleeping item when we have the travel bassinet, crib, and pack n play.

  3. Great post! Good info for both expectant parents and those wanting to know what to focus on with the registry purchase. How do you feel about gift cards from places where you're registered? Tacky or helpful?


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