Monday, May 5, 2014

Special Ways to Say Thank You

There are SO MANY ways to say thank you and to make someone feel appreciated.
You can always write a note
and it's really fun to spice up your thank yous a bit.

Let me give you some ideas:

1. If someone hosts a shower or party for you, bring them flowers with a thank you note after the event.  Hosting any party is a lot of work so it's wonderful to feel appreciated.

2. If a friend helps you with a project or puts in a lot of effort to help you out, give them a note with a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store to shop at.

3. Pay attention to what people like and what kinds of things make them happy.  Then give them a little gift of appreciation when they do something sweet for you.
I've given chocolate covered potato chips to a friend that loves potato chips.
I have left cookies on doorsteps and desks of co-workers to brighten their day.
I've gotten fancy notepads and note cards from friends who know I love stationery.

4. Write a thank you note to a business when you receive great customer service.
I once wrote a thank you to my favorite car dealership in Salt Lake.  I took my car in for a routine oil change.  They served fresh popcorn in the lobby and when they drove my car around front it had been freshly washed and detailed.  I was so pleasantly surprised and it gave me another reason to love this place.  I wrote a thank you note to them and then they replied with a thank you note to me.  It included movie tickets and them thanking me for my business.  Hooray for great customer service.

I wrote a thank you note to my OB after she delivered a happy healthy baby Olive last year.  I also wrote one to my favorite nurse during my hospital stay.

I've written thank you notes to favorite doctors/dentists/pediatricians when we moved.

5. When someone helps you do a home project or helps with a move, send them dinner gift cards or take their family out to dinner to thank them for their help.

6. When I was teaching, some of my favorite unique thank yous were:
-Fancy bubble bath at the end of the first week of school and instructions to relax
-Really nice wrapping paper at the end of the school year with a note saying 
Thanks for wrapping up a great school year with me!
-Personalized note cards
-Handwritten letters about all the things their children loved about being in my class
-Date night packages - movie tickets, candy and dinner gift card
-holiday themed gifts with thank you notes attached throughout the year
-handwritten notes from my students 
-Favorite family books with a note inside

7. My husband has given high quality golf balls to co-workers as a thank you

8. Give a bottle of wine to say thanks

9. Pay attention to what your friends compliment you on--
-If they love your new bag, remember that idea for a future gift.
-If they love writing with fancy pens, surprise them with a nice one.
-If they love a recipe you make from a new cookbook, keep that cookbook in mind for them.

10. Bring back a thank you souvenir from a trip for people who pet sit, house sit or baby sit for you.  I got a painting from New York once when I watched three kiddos over a long weekend.  I also brought back fun jewelry for our kitty sitter when we returned from vacation.

I'm always looking for ways to be thankful and to show appreciation
and it's really fun when it's a little bit out of the ordinary.

Have you ever said thank you in a unique way??
Tell me about it!!

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  1. I liked reading all of your ideas. I think sending thank you notes is slowly becoming a thing of the past - but it shouldn't be! I'm with you...saying thank you is important!! XOXO


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