Wednesday, May 21, 2014

5 Things I'm Willing to Admit

 5 things I'm willing to admit to you...
Oliver is a little skeptical of my plan :)

1. My toes are always painted
and I'm not a fan of getting pedicures.

 2. I run the AC year round because I'm always hot.
3. My secret Pinterest boards are titled:
Baby Photo Shoots
Baby #2
Whitney Layne
Sew Fun
Olive Turns ONE
Kevin's Got his PhD
Southern Living in Mississippi

4. I had every intention of displaying Olive's scrapbook of her first year of life at her 1st birthday party, but I have a problem... I never actually started it.  I have saved all kinds of things, taken detailed notes on her baby calendar, blogged about her tons, taken thousands of pictures and so I really need to get busy on it!

5. I have a closet full of wedding gifts that are still in their boxes in storage at my parent's house - think beautiful china patterns, Christmas dishes, crystal vases and more.  We got married and moved across the country back in 2004.  Our apartment/big city living has never allowed space for fancy kitchen things so it's all been in storage for almost 10 years.  I'm hoping to be reunited with it all this summer!!

Any secrets you want to share with me??


  1. Baby #2???!!!!???!!!??!!


    1. No plans for #2 right now, but you know I love to prepared for anything and everything :)

  2. I love this!!! I will also do a "Things I'm willing to admit" post soon!!

  3. My toenails are always painted too---either red or pink. I'm not much for switching it up.

    I'm doing some confessions on my blog tomorrow!


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