Monday, May 19, 2014

Life Lessons from Dad

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my dad was running for Spencer County Sheriff and the primary election took place on May 6th.  He ran a great campaign, was the most qualified candidate and unfortunately lost the primary by 25 votes.  He wanted to win and we wanted him to win, but God had a different plan for him.  We have yet to see the plan unfold and are excited to see what the future holds for him and our family.

My Dad has had an amazing career - 25+ years for the Indiana State Police, elected to two terms as the Warrick County Sheriff, then named Chief Deputy and now he's exploring his options for his next career move.  He's not ready to retire and still has so much to contribute to the law enforcement community.  
I'm excited to see what he'll be up to next.

While the election didn't go his way, 
he taught us some valuable life lessons in the process.

 Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and things don't always go as you've planned.  Be flexible and know that God's plan will be better than any plans you've tried to make.  It's important to be gracious, kind, professional and people will respect you for it.

Doing your best is all you can do.
Your family will always be proud of you
regardless of the ups and downs in your life.

Continue what you've started - 
keep building relationships and making friends and you'll be better off for it.  
You may not be successful on your first attempt, 
but don't give up on your dreams.
Be excited for all the things that are in store for you!
Your future looks bright.

Put your best foot forward and be optimistic.

 Make time to do fun things - go out to eat, enjoy being outside and smile.
Life is short 
so enjoy all the things you've been blessed with.

 It's okay to try new things.
Don't be afraid of the unknown and take risks!
God has always taken good care of us and he won't stop now.

Thanks for being such a great example to our whole family.
We love you and you'll always be #1 in our books!!


  1. Thank you for sharing all of that - that is so sweet - and I appreciated all the words of wisdom. Your Dad sounds like a very amazing person. Jeremiah 29:11 indeed!


  2. Awwh I'm sorry he didn't win, but I know he's a winner with such a wonderful family by his side!


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