Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Worth Reading

Here are a few of my favorite recent articles:

I've been looking for nicer quality t-shirts because my Target shirts from last year have not held up well (shocking - right??) so these Everlane shirts that Kate recommended are enticing. 

Kaitlyn wrote a great article about protecting yourself on Instagram!

I'm anxious to try this recipe for Caramel Apple Crisp for two

I am dying to try this DIY project for painted curtains

I'd love to master this technique for the perfect wavy hair

I'm fascinated by this trend of oil pulling - do people really do this???

This post got me thinking about writing a will and choosing a guardian for Olive.

Since wedding season is upon us, 
I enjoyed this post on the dos and don'ts of wedding hair

An interesting article on when to LIE and when to tel the TRUTH

Style guide for the latest Spring Sandal Trends this year

Happy Reading!!

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