Thursday, April 10, 2014

Feeding SOLIDS to Your Baby

It's exciting and slightly overwhelming when your baby goes from drinking bottles all day long to needing to incorporate solids into her diet.  I have to now grocery shop with her in mind, look for things that will be soft and easily mushed and then cut everything up into smallish bites.  Olive is 10 months old now and we are spending our meals times introducing her to new solid foods.  She thinks it's funny and fun to play with the food and I'm hoping she'll starting fine tuning her taste buds so she can enjoy more and more of what we are exposing her to.

Here's how I organize baby food right now:
Bibs on a hook
 tray full of raisin, baby spoons, washcloths, puffs, etc.

 I bought a few sectioned plates at Walmart for $1.50 and thought they'd be perfect for meal time.  Well it was perfectly perfect for cutting, chopping and photographing...
 and then I was served a humbling, plate dumping dose of reality.
 Oh and we are also in a ripping off bib stage of life so we tend to eat in our jammies.
 How many times do I have to tell you...

Baby oatmeal infused with fruits is a stand by meal for Olive.
These YUMMY spoons are our very favorite. 
 She eats is and usually ends up with an oatmeal face mask out of the meal.
Two for one???

 Avacados have been an interesting endeavor.
Olive was intrigued when I sliced and diced them but was mostly interested in smashing them to smithereens.  I tried multiple times and then wised up - time to mash it for her.  When I do the mashing, she does the eating :)  Hooray!!

 I always clean her up with a warm wash cloth and she's decided she wants to help clean herself.  So I do her face first before things have a chance to set and then she does her hands.  I'll do a once over again before I get her out.

 Cheerios are an easy favorite snack that we eat at home and on the go.

 I cut up berries and bananas but she mostly plays around with them.
She's also obsessed with having her own spoon and doing things herself.
That usually means she gags herself with the spoon and then flings her food onto the floor.
Silly baby...

 Do you have any other suggestions for soft foods I could introduce to Olive?  I don't want her to get bored  and want to offer some variety so I'd love to hear your suggestions.

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  1. I would suggest to try everything (except honey, nuts, whatever else your pediatrician says no to)! Every few days I would try a new fruit or veggies with Clay and by the time he was 9 months he was just eating whatever we were having (obviously some of it mashed, etc.). He eats everything now at 19 months and I credit that to us not just sticking with typical baby foods. (I also made all of Clay's food but it was super easy!)


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