Friday, April 11, 2014

Hooray for Friday!!

Happy Friday, Friends!!
I'm excited for a busy weekend and welcoming fun filled days.
The best parts of my week were...

1. I made my husband a darling Easter themed cake to celebrate him reaching a milestone at work.  I made his grandma's three layer buttermilk cake and it was darling!!  I'd been given this sweet set of bunny cake toppers and cupcake wrappers as a gift so I was excited to finally get to use it.

 2. Olive and I had lunch in the park because the weather was perfect!  We picked up Jimmy Johns and met my husband for lunch on his lunch break.  There was a nice breeze, great conversation and it was pretty much the perfect lunch.

3. I've been on the hunt for healthier desserts so I bought some Banana Dippers.  I've never had frozen bananas before so I was excited to try them.  They were pretty tasty and a nice little treat at the end of the day.  I've pinned several recipes to make my own so I'm excite to branch out a bit.

4. Olive is 10 months old and has turned into a little tornado of destruction.  She loves to dump things out and clear off shelves.  She tosses things out of her laundry basket, goes through her toys and most recently loves playing with Easter eggs.  She's the cutest little tornado I've ever seen.

5. I found a new recipe for cinnamon rolls that only makes 6 at a time!!  It takes less than an hour and is perfect for a few friends, a couple or a small family and the recipe can easily be doubled or tripled for larger crowds.  Go here to check out the recipe!

My Finish This statements for the week...
On Saturday morning, I usually...
 try to sleep in but my baby rarely gets that memo.  We relax in our jammies longer than usual, have a lazy morning with a homemade breakfast and enjoy spending the day with our family.
I feel beautiful when...
 I shower, take time to do my hair and make up and pick out a cute outfit.  Most days I'm pretty rushed or am trying to multitask while getting ready so it's a treat when I can take my time to get ready.
I wake up every morning...
 to the sound of a baby yelling MAMA or babbling in her crib to let me know she's ready for breakfast!
A happy home...
 is one where we communicate often. It's easy to get busy and not take the time to talk about important things.  I've found that we are all happier when we are talking, communicating, joking around and updating each other on the little things we up to each day.
When I have downtime I... 
read blogs, work on my own blog, edit pictures, read for fun and keep in contact with family and friends through emails, snail mail, Facetime and phone calls.
Thanks for stopping by!!  Hope you have a great weekend!!


  1. Yay for hot showers and time to get dolled up, dressed up, and beautified .... some days, brushing my teeth is a treat. But I love, LOVE being a momma!!!!!! Thanks for joining us for another week of Finish This, see you next time. =)

  2. Those dippers look amazing! I'm going to have to hunt some down! Happy Friday :-)

  3. What a great week!! That cake!! Would you be able to share his grandma's recipe? What's your favorite Jimmy John's sandwich? Mmmmm!

  4. This cake looks amazing. You are super talented.I am co-hosting Friday's Fab Favorites and wanted to thank you for linking up.



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