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How to Choose the PERFECT Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is a MUST HAVE item for new moms and there are so many to choose from.  Most brands make diaper bags now and there are lots of variations.  I have heard great things about many brands but I've only carried one by Kate Spade.  

Every mom is different and their needs are unique.  I'd suggest making a list of things you want your diaper bag to have or to include and start shopping based on your requirements.
 MY requirements for a great diaper bag:

1. It must have shoulder straps AND a long strap to carry it cross body.
I've carried it both ways but almost always use the cross body option.  Lugging around a car seat with a baby in it isn't easy and you will need to have your hands free.  I found that when I carried it on my shoulder and tried to juggle the car seat, groceries and other things that I was constantly dropping the bag or having issues carrying what I needed to.  If I carry my bag cross body, I can easily carry Olive, the car seat and groceries or bags.

2.  It must be easy to wipe off and clean
Your bottles will spill, diapers will leak, snacks will creep out of their containers so it's important that you are able to easily clean it.

3. It must be cute since it will also act as my purse.  
I wanted to find a cute pattern, something fun and gender neutral.  I also knew that I wanted a bag that I could use for multiple purposes once we outgrow the diaper bag stage.  I have hopes of using it for a gym bag or a fun weekend bag in the future.

4. It must have inside AND outside pockets.
I have always loved bags with lots of pockets, but a pocketed diaper bag is a necessity.  You'll find yourself digging through the bag with ONE hand and holding the baby with the other.  Babies require lots of attention and I didn't realize how proficient I'd need to become at doing things with one hand.  It's so nice to have a pocket for everything and know exactly where to find things when you don't have both hands free.  I have a pouch for diapers and a pouch for misc items.  They are great to help organize the bag but it can be tricky to have to open pouches one handed so keep that in mind.

5. The bag must zip shut.
The zipper helps keep everything contained and keeps you from spilling the contents out everywhere.  Olive seems to enjoy getting into my diaper bag whenever she sees it so the zipper prevents her from pilfering through it or dumping the whole thing.  She knows I keep snacks, bottles and her favorite toys inside so she smiles slyly at me when she's trying to break into it.  It's also nice to have it zipped shut so it doesn't spill out in the car.  Babies are curious about diaper bags in general and I've noticed if I don't zip it when we are around other babies that they also try to get into an open bag.  Silly babies...

 6. Stay within my $150 or less budget
I did not want to invest hundreds in a diaper bag.  I kept a close eye on sales, outlet store options and on-line deals.  I stumbled on an outlet sale where the entire store was discounted for the weekend so I was able to stay within my budget.

7. I wanted a roomy bag that I wouldn't have to squish things into
It takes A LOT of things to keep babies happy so be sure to choose a bag that will easily hold a lot of baby supplies plus some of your own.  It's too hard to carry a purse and a diaper bag (at least in the early baby stages of life).

 8. Try not to stress about finding the PERFECT bag
You won't be carrying the bag forever, you can always make a change (I've known lots of people who ended up trying out a few different bags before they found THE ONE) and try to enjoy the process.

I ended up purchasing  this black and white Kate Spade diaper bag with neon handles from the outlet in Las Vegas about a year and a half ago.  They were having a super sale so I got the matching pouch for inside.  I had a hard time deciding on a pattern, ultimately I picked my top two choice and had my husband and cute sales lady choose their favorite.  He said the other one looked like a rain coat and that this one was unique.  True and true.  I get lots of compliments on it and people often ask where it's from.

My favorite things about this bag:
the fun print
it's high quality
keeps me super organized
it's easy to clean
it has a zippered pocket in addition to three others
I can put my cell phone in the end pocket so it's easy to find
it came with a diaper changing pad
it still looks great after carrying it daily for almost a year

Overall, I've LOVED my Kate Spade Diaper bag 
and would highly recommend their diaper bags to new moms. 

Just remember, go with your gut and really think about how you want your bag to function.  Most bags are workable with the right accessories.  Make the call and buy a bag that you love.  

I also loved reading what Marion had to say about diaper bags.

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  1. I was looking at Pinterest for diaper bags and we aren't even pregnant with number 2 yet. I am obsessed with all things Kate Spade. I will have to check out her diaper bags when the time comes. I love yours.


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