Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Brings Some Lofty Goals

Happy April!!
A new month = BIG goals

1. Upload and print pictures from the last year.  I've started uploading them to Snapfish and I need to finish uploading and then print them.  I'd also like to print my instagram pictures.

2. Try 6 new recipes.  I have been pinning a lot of healthy recipes and I'm excited to try some new ones.

3. Have more dates with Jillian Michael's workout DVDs than last month.  I've done a good job of increasing my workouts each month this year so I want to stay on that same track.

4. Decorate my house for Easter.  It's Olive's 1st Easter and I want to make things look Springy and festive.

5. Take Olive to see the Easter Bunny.

6. Make a trip to Indiana one weekend this month.

7. Call Frontier Airlines to learn about their policies and procedures for flying with a baby.  We are taking Olive on her first flight at the end of the month and I want to be prepared.  I've never flown with a child before so I want to really plan things out well so that it's enjoyable for both of us.  I have flown many times but I feel like a complete newbie flying with a BABY!  I need to ask about their policies for strollers, car seats, carry ons, wearing a baby, taking a baby through security, etc.  I don't want to stress so I'm going to make lists, plan and work hard to be overly prepared.

8. I've started some preliminary preparations for Olive's 1st birthday party - picking out invitations, colors schemes and choosing a date - so I'd just like to keep the ball rolling and have fun picking out the perfect items to celebrate her 1st birthday.  May 29th will be here before we know it!!

9. I saved class pictures, snapshots and handwritten notes from parents and students from my 9 years of teaching in Utah.  I referred to this file when I had a hard day and loved rereading all of the sweet notes.  I would love to put a scrapbook together with all of these treasures.  I have all the supplies so I need to just spend a few days working on it.

10. Make a new itunes playlist for our road trips and workouts.

11. Research new car seats because Olive is quickly approaching the limit of her current Chicco one.

12. Read for fun.  I've got a stack of books I'd love to read.

13. Send some snail mail.

14. Check out local thrift shops and consignment shops in Little rock.


  1. This is always so inspiring! I'm writing out my goals for April TODAY! You are such an organized Mama, I don't think you'll find flying with Olive to be too challenging. It's just like a long car ride, but you're more stuck - ha ha. :) P.S. my daughter's birthday is May 30! :-)

  2. Whitney, I love Jillian Michaels workouts, too! It really helps to not have to leave my house. I recommend the Walgreens app for printing Instagram pictures! It's super easy and convenient. Cheers!

  3. You've got a lot going on! Hope your month proves to be productive!

  4. Good luck on your goals! I love snail mail! I wish it was more of a priority with people today. :)

  5. Thrift and consignments...sounds like fun. Should have good luck in LR.

  6. I love new playlists! And I always enjoy getting snail mail; I need to send it more!


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