Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a great Easter celebration at our house yesterday!

It started with bunny cinnamon rolls and fruit salad (with bunny shaped watermelon) for a Bunny Brunch we were invited to go to with friends.  I forgot to get pictures of my fruit and our friends!!  David and Anna were sweet hosts and we enjoyed spending the afternoon with them.
 We wore bunny ears around the house
and by we I mean Olive :)

 Being the only baby at a party was exhausting :)
Olive was the center of attention and she loved it.
She crawled around to see each person, visited with their dog and explored their place.
She got in TWO naps before dinner!!
Kevin and I were thrilled to follow her lead and take a pre-dinner nap.
whole family napping = an amazingly rare treat :)

 Olive loved her Easter basket and I was so excited to give it to her!!
 I think she really appreciated having her monogram on her basket...
haha at least that's what I tell myself she was thinking.
 Hoppy Easter PEEPS :)

 The boys watched all of the Easter non-sense from a safe distance.

We dyed eggs.
Olive was thrilled to play with the stickers and the box
but wasn't interested in coloring any eggs.
 She was fascinated by the cold eggs and was eager to lick them - yuck!

 We had a great day together.  
Kevin said the sweetest thing about Olive so I had to document it.  He said, I feel like Olive is getting cuter every day.  I mean she's always been cute, but it seems like she's just getting better and better every day.
I couldn't agree more!!

 We fixed a little Easter dinner for us and had some jelly beans for dessert!
Our first Easter as a family of THREE was wonderful!!


  1. Loving this pic of her and the bunny! Adorable!

  2. Just wait.... they get cuter and more fun the older they get :-D Looks like you had a great Easter!

  3. Totally agree with the above commenter! So true! Whitney, you are just the greatest Mommy! I was smiling all the way through this post :D


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