Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The 2014 BOB

I wrote about my hair debacle of 2014 here and my hair was starting to awkwardly grow out two months after the fact.  I felt like my shorter layers weren't growing that quickly and the longest layers were growing like wildfire.  I also noticed I was feeling frustrated with my hair and not loving how it looked once I'd done it.
I was talking to Kevin about my uber important hair dilemma (haha) and expressing interest in getting it cut.  I told him it was a little risky because I was afraid of making my hair worse or liking it even less.  He said,  
Getting your hair cut isn't a risky thing when you have a beautiful face.
Awwwww :)
 That made me smile and gave me the push I needed to get my hair cut.

I loved the manager who cut my hair the last time so I called him and made an appointment the very next day.  Olive is my sidekick during the days so I already knew that John was fine with her coming with me.  I appreciate the fact that he's sweet to her, talks to her while cutting my hair and I tip him extra for the extra work involved.  I leave her in her stroller and hand her toys throughout the haircut.  I usually don't have time for a wash and cut with the baby coming along so he just did a cut.

I'd been pinning pictures of long bobs on Pinterest and found a favorite on Heidi Klum.  I showed him the picture and he said it would be no problem to cut mine like it - hooray!!  He double checked the amount that I wanted chopped and I bravely said YES to him chopping 5-6 inches off the bottom!  I was nervous but knew he'd do a good job.  Olive was a dream baby and I joked about making her a baby toupee out of all the hair that was on the ground :)

Sorry for the Touched by an Angel glow...
Mall parking lots selfies while baby is sleeping in the back seat :)
 I wanted better before pictures but figured my stylist would think I was weird if I asked him to take before shots for my blog. #bloggerproblems

 In other exciting news, Olive's hair is starting to sprout!!
I'm loving the change - I can get ready faster, it's cooler now that the weather is getting hotter and it still goes up in a pony tail.  My hair hasn't ever been this short so it's definitely a fun change.

If you're contemplating a hair change, DO IT!!


  1. Oh, Whitney, it is darling on you! Your husbands right -btw - and what a sweet guy he is! I'm thinking of doing the same thing, I've just got to get it scheduled!

  2. I love it! So cute! Doing some much needed catch up on your blog :)


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