Monday, April 28, 2014

Flying with Kids is No Joke

I've flown a million or so times and have become quite proficient with the rules/regulations and overall steps to successfully flying as an ADULT.  I've got the whole liquids, carry-on, flight etiquette down pat, but I am embarking on new territory very soon!  I'm finalizing plans for Olive's first flight and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Olive is a superstar roadtripping baby, but she'll be a complete wildcard on her first flight.  We have so much to read up on and there's so much advice out there - I feel like such a rookie!!

If you've ever flown with a little one, I need your help!!!!!!
We have two flights in the later part of the day.
1st flight is a little over 2 hours
and 2nd flight is just over an hour.
Oh how I wish it was one, DIRECT flight but no such luck.
I checked our airline's website and it was frustratingly vague and confusing.

Here are my questions:
Should I check her carseat at check in?
I read that it's free to check her car seat - true?
I purchased a carseat cover - is this a good idea??
Oh and should I check her stroller or take it through the airport with me?
I'm planning to bring my Ergo so I can wear her, too.
How will it work to go through security with a baby?
I opted out of the x-rays when I was flying pregnant - is it okay for her to go through the xray?
Or should I ask for a double, super awkward pat down for both of us?? haha
Olive is a formula fed babe, how does that work with bringing water for her bottles?
Any tips on baby in flight entertainment??

 Any other supermom tips for me???
Thanks a million for your words of wisdom.
Olive and I greatly appreciate it!!

Here's to hoping our travel days are filled with blue skies, 
puffy clouds, on time travel and smiles all around.


  1. We have usually gate checked the car seats and stroller but would occasionally check them at ticketing. I think it was always free, at least for the car seat. (Be sure to put it in a large garbage bag or car seat bag, because, ick, so dirty!)

    I don't know what to tell you about security. :[ I hate the x-rays so I'd say to avoid it, but they say it's all safe, right? We've always found the TSA to be patient and understanding going through with all the kids' gear, etc. I always just take my time so I don't get flustered or impatient with the kids - I refuse to let people who are traveling solo stress me out. Traveling with kids is hard enough without the business man behind me in line giving me the stink eye! Ha!

    I think I've always heard that if the water bottle is sealed and it's for a child or elderly person it's allowed, but I'm not 100% sure.

    I have to say that Olive is going to do GREAT! She is like wonder baby! Everyone around you guys is going to fall in love with her. Just bring all her favorite snacks and books and she'll be thrilled to get her Mama's undivided attention for 2 straight hours!

    (As a side note, when Havah was Olive's age we were flying to Mexico for vacation. We thought we would be super smart and take the red eye, because she was always a super sleeper and we just knew she'd sleep through the whole thing. Yeaaaah...that's not what happened AT ALL. She didn't cry or anything, but she was WIDE AWAKE for the majority of the flight. Let's just say we've never taken another red eye again! Ha!)

  2. I was thinking the airline put the checked carseat in a bag for you? Now I'm just adding more confusion! I agree it's free and doesn't add to your luggage total.

    I've flown with my baby in an Ergo. I was able to go through security wearing the baby. They didn't make me take her out.

    Food is the greatest entertainer of all for my little one. I'm not really a lollipop fan because they get stuck in my hair. I think I prefer Cheerios getting crunched into the floor. The phone apps made for cats are actually really popular for my little human.


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