Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm Their Favorite

Technically, Oliver and Topher are MY cats.  It was our agreement when we got them.  I'd take care of them and be responsible for them and I have (minus those months I was pregnant and my hubby took over).  I've bathed them with kitty bath wipes, brushed them, played with them and given them treats for years.  That's probably why they love me the most :)

Kevin tolerates them but doesn't seem to be too attached.  He shoo's them away from his things, intentionally tries to keep his things kitty free and scolds them when they are naughty.  I don't do any of those things and I'm their favorite.  

Kevin wakes up before me during the week and the cats never get up with him.  They get up when I get up because I'm their favorite.

I usually stay up later than Kevin during the week and the boys stay up with me.  They seem to know that the baby is in bed and that they have my FULL attention again.  I think they think of this time of day as "Back to the Good Ole Days" aka pre baby days for them.

They jump on our bed at night and only want to snuggle on my side of the bed or they get into bed on Kevin's side once he's gone to work.  They purrrrrrrrrrrr with delight because I'm their favorite.

Kevin doesn't want cat hair on his clothes so they've learned his lap isn't for sitting and his legs will promptly jolt them away if they try to rub them.  I always have a sticky brush handy to roll over my clothes before I leave home.  So they know they can be my lap kitties, purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr when I'm near or give me rubs of love because I'm their favorite.

Kevin did teach Oliver to shake for a treat and he does make sure they have litter and food 
but I'm still their favorite.

Good thing they have me :)

I'm keeping an eye on Olive because I think she's my up and coming competition. She lights up when she sees the cats and tries her best to catch them.  She loves their swooshy tails and we are working on GENTLE hands.


  1. Looks like you're loved by many. :D Fur babies and just babies all together following you. would love for you to come check me out

  2. I loved this post so so so much! Your cats are adorable! I'm so glad that they are taking a liking to Olive and vice versa!

    Our cat was a Christmas kitten from Santa to Havalah and he definitely bonded just with her. Which is AWESOME, but unfortunately he could take us or leave the rest of us! Boo hoo. I'm such a cat lover, I may have to get another one sometime just so I can give him snuggles :)


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