Monday, April 7, 2014

Wishy Washi Tape

 Up to 20 rolls on Wooden Spools of Japanese Washi Tape Choose Your Colors -NEW PATTERNS check photo 2 and 3 for full list
via etsy

I have a problem.
My washi tape never seems to be as sticky as I'd like.
I love using it to seal envelopes and to hang up things,
but inevitably the tape peels up at the edges and I find my items laying on the floor.
Do you have this same issue??
I'm wondering where I can find stickier washi tape or if I'm doing something wrong.  I guess it's hard to use tape the wrong way but I still seem to have issues with it.


  1. I think it depends on the brand! I've had the same problem with some of my tape but then others have worked fine for hanging things. The Michael's brand (Recollections?) has worked best for me!

  2. I've only gotten mine from Michael's (Recollections brand) and it works really well. I use it to wrap packages, seal envelopes and whatever else I can manage to stick it on.

  3. There is great washi tape in the scrapbooking aisle at Target. It comes in many patterns and is a Scotch brand tape so it works really well.


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