Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Local Eats

We've tried some yummy restaurants in Little Rock.
Here's where we've been eating:

We FINALLY tried Chipotle
and I kind of hated it... whomp whomp.
I know SO MANY people that love it but I did not.
I got the grilled chicken rice bowl - rice, black beans, salsa, cheese and lettuce.
There were many strong flavors but they all tasted a bit off to me.
I really wanted to like this but the only thing I liked was the fact that it was less than $7.
My husband didn't really care for his burrito either.

We've eaten at Cafe Rio, Barbacoa and Costa Vida
and they are much better.
Did I order the wrong thing at Chipotle??
Die hard fans - what should I have ordered??

Mellow Mushroom Pizza
We ordered the Medium BBQ Chicken Pizza (6 pieces)
and it was SO GOOD!!
The crust is ah-mazing, great flavors and it's not your normal boring pizza.
It was a little spicy, 
comes topped with crispy bacon and had great quality chicken & delicious cheese.
AND the pizza is yummy reheated.
My husband would like to add that...
 their Jerk wings and Mozzarella stuffed Meatball appetizers were SO GOOD.
Please check this place out ASAP!!

Famous Daves
 We signed up for emails with Famous Daves and got emailed a coupon for BOGO burgers.  We got them to go for date night one weekend and they were really yummy!  Good cheese, great bun and cooked to order.  My husband was in charge of ordering and decided mashed potatoes would go great with burgers... I would have rather had fries but I went with it.  They were tasty and we'd definitely eat here again especially with a super coupon!

a yummy Mexican chain
The decor was so fun - great tiles, ceilings covered with all kinds of things and so colorful.
They have indoor and patio seating.
Kevin got me a Swirl (strawberry and lime) margarita that was so good.
 The Rainbow plate to introduce us to all of their salsas.
Most were spicy so Kevin loved them.
I wish there were more MILD options but you can't win them all.
 I got a salad and Kevin got their enchiladas.  Both were tasty.
 Olive's been doing really well when we go out to eat with friends.  She smiles and interacts with everyone and she munches on our food.  She sure is a lot of fun to be around :)
The Fold
is a cute little restaurant down the road from our house on Cantrell Road.  We walked there with friends one night and had so much fun!  The wait wasn't too long and the servers/managers were SO friendly!  They made plenty of room for our stroller, all came back to talk to Olive and were really cheerful.  Olive was waving at them and really hamming it up for an audience.  The whole experience was refreshing!!

We got chips, salsa & queso and scarfed all of it down.
It was tasty and not too spicy.
We ordered quesadillas and a chicken burrito.
Super fresh, tasty and pretty presentation.
We will definitely be walking over for dinner again SOON.
FYI They are closed on Mondays :)

Any other restaurants recommendations in Little Rock that we should try?


  1. The brisket at Famous Dave's is soooo tasty! I definitely recommend it.

  2. I went to Chuy's in NWA and was underwhelmed. The mango marg I had was great, and the queso was good...but everything else was sort of, nothing special to me. And our service wasn't excellent either. It just didn't live up to the hype for me. I do LOVE Chipotle though! I usually get their steak burrito bowl.

  3. Thanks for the Famous Dave's recommend - I'm going to sign up for their email list! I had the exact same experience with Chiptole my first time when I got the chicken. The next time I tried the steak bowl with guac and I've been hooked ever since. My husband loves the veggie bowl because the guac is included in the price. So many good veggies!


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