Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Boxcar Children for Life

Did you ever read The Boxcar Children series when you were younger?

I did not, but my husband LOVED them.
He insisted I introduce them to my students so I began reading them to my classes each year.  I quickly realized their charm and my students also loved them.  The Boxcar Children are making somewhat of a comeback in literature and have become popular again.  My husband often talks about reading the books and how much he enjoyed them as a child.  They were full of adventures (Digging for treasures at the local dump, wandering around town, making new friends and LOTS of imagination). 

True Story:
We were going for a family walk last week and we have to cross a set of rail road tracks.  Usually they are empty and we pass by uneventfully.  This afternoon was different... there were train cars just sitting on the tracks.  Lots of them and some were open.  Kevin immediately pulled Olive's stroller over, picked her up and headed to examine the train cars.  He told me to get out my camera and take some pictures of the two of them.  This coming from my husband who rarely asks me to take his picture :)  
He was telling Olive all about trains and living in a train.  He told her all about The Boxcar Children and how much fun they had in their train car.  I snapped lots of pictures and then Kevin wanted to climb INTO the train.  I said babies and climbing into trains were a bad idea, but that he could go in alone.  He opted not to and just continued to reminisce about this childhood memory.

It was fascinating for me to see how important and special this childhood series was to him.  He was beaming with pride telling Olive all about the books.  He had such happy memories of reading and enjoy great literature when he was younger.  They both loved posing by the train and getting a closer look.  His love for reading was born in elementary school and has continued throughout his entire life.  To this day he still makes summer reading lists of books he hopes to read when he has more free time during the summer.  
I can only hope that Olive will love reading as much as her parents do!!  This whole train encounter helped me to remember the importance of reading great books to Olive and encouraging her to read them on her own.  Teachers are so important and play a big role in helping kids love to read.  Librarians can also be super helpful in selecting quality books.

My husband and I would HIGHLY recommend The Boxcar Children series to any elementary aged children.  If you feel like your child is too young, read them aloud with them.  Their oral comprehension (when someone else reads to them) is often much higher than their individual comprehension (reading independently without help) abilities.
Hooray for reading!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Whitney, this is so sweet!! Those photos are seriously adorable and how neat that you blogged about it so you'll have these pics and memories written down. I love that your husband still makes a reading list every summer - you guys are definitely readers!

    I had never read that series as a kid, but did read them in my classroom as well. My daughter has read the series and loves them, but especially the ones that were written by Gertrude Chandler Warner, (the more recent ones were written by someone else...I can't remember who..?). My son is working his way through the series now. I love books that are good for both boys AND girls!


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