Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bunny Cake

I recently pulled together a fun little BUNNY cake to celebrate a work milestone my husband had reached.  He'd requested a tasty treat and I delivered :)  He loved his sweet treat.

I used an icing bag and tip to swirl butter cream icing on the sides of the cake and spread icing over the top and added sprinkles.  My mom sent me this adorable Easter Cupcake Kit and I was anxious to use it.  The details on the bunnies were adorable - bow ties and skirts.  I've seen these sets at TJ Maxx and Marshalls for all sorts of occasions and they are the perfect way to decorate - easy & adorable.

 I baked a three layer cake, premeasured the batter for the three layers to ensure they'd be the same size, let them cool and started putting the cake together.  I iced the top first, added sprinkles and then did the sides.  
Olive could tell that I was making something yummy so she was trying to climb the cabinets :)

 I did a bunny version of our little family for the topper.
Dad, baby & Mom Bunny

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  1. O my how cute!! You did an awesome job! Congrats to your hubby! The cake looks fabulous:)


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