Saturday, August 17, 2013

Top Eats in Gulf Shores

We tried several yummy restaurants in Gulf Shores and I wanted to share our favorites with you.  We ate breakfast & lunch at the condo or the poolside cafe and then we drove into town for dinner each night.  Olive slept through most dinners so she was the perfect dinner date.

We found this place on accident and it was my favorite!  We got steaks, fish and chicken Parmesan.  Everything was delicious.  They bring out dark brown bread and honey butter to start things off, bring out generous portions that are very pleasing to the eye and the key lime pie is ah-mazing!!  Probably the best key lime pie I've ever eaten and I'm kind of a connoisseur of sorts when it comes to key lime pie.  It's a quiet place on one side and they have live music & dancing on the other side.  The staff was really friendly and nice.

We ate out on their large patio and had so much fun.  They have big TVs out there, have fans blowing and the chips are flowing :)  The food was really good, warm chips and the white cheese sauce was delish.  They offer free drinks for lunch because they don't do lunch specials.  

TONS of seafood and the seafood lovers were in heaven.  Notice I have no pictures to show for this one... I ordered chicken and it wasn't very good.  The highlight of my meal were red potatoes and green beans.  I also got eaten alive by mosquitoes and no one else got one single bite... awesome.  My husband declared this place his favorite because of the shrimp and seafood.  He would have eaten here every night but luckily we didn't :)

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