Saturday, August 10, 2013

Favorite Baby Play Items 0-2 Months

Olive has just started taking an interest in her toys and play things.  We definitely have favorite baby items at our house so I wanted to share them with you.

1. Bright Stars Play Mat
Olive is a kicking, rolling, swatting machine on this toy.
The froggy plays music, there's a mirror, rattle toys and you can rearrange them.
It folds up flat and is easy to store.

 2. Graco Hedgehog Swing
Our hedgehog swing is the best!  It's compact, PLUGS IN and Olive loves it.
It plays music, has 6 speeds, vibrates and has a toy bar.
Pre-baby Whitney wasn't convinced that a swing was a necessity.
They take up a lot of space, most are hideous and I didn't want to buy a million batteries.
New Mommy Whitney wants to tell you that a swing is a lifesaver.
We found a mostly neutral one, that plugs in, wasn't too pricey
and it's the perfect rock your baby to sleeper,
put next to your desk while you blog babysitter, 
occupy them while you make dinner baby holder ever.

3. Penguin mirror, keys, stackable rings
The keys are textured so she loves to munch on them if we hold them in her mouth.
The cats are also interested in the toys and Olive :)

4.  Rattle, activity balls and the easy to grab holey ball
Olive grabs onto the rattle and the holey ball non-stop.
Her little two month old paws grab onto them and fling them everywhere.

 5. Sophie the Giraffe
is already loved by Olive.
She munches on her face and hooves all the time.
Again, we have to hold the toy for her because her random swats
and lack of arm control always knock the toys away from her mouth.
I was skeptical about this pricey teether but Sophie is worth the investment!!
Or you can just register for her and hope someone gets her for your baby.

6. The Boppy
I just started using this and it's amazing (and adorable!!)
Olive thinks someone is snuggling her since it wraps all around her.
She sits on the couch during dinner in it, watches sports with her dad in it
and has been known to take a nap or two it in.
*Cats are also a fan of the boppy*

7. Taggy Ball
It has chimes on the inside and Olive can hook her little fingers in the taggy loops

Disclaimer: Every baby/family is different.  What might be my favorite may not be yours.  I love reading what other people love and it's fun to figure out what your baby will enjoy.

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