Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beach Baby

Olive was quite the celebrity at the beach.  I guess a tiny munchkin is kind of an anomaly at the beach and everyone wanted to talk to her.  She slept through a good portion of the festivities but seemed to enjoy herself when she was awake.
 What Olive's Wearing:
White cover up and eyelet swim hat: Old Navy
Swimsuit: Babies R Us

We let her lay on the table on her beach towel pallet to cool off during lunch.

 We snuggled on the beach
 Took naps and relaxed.  She really loved the shade & the breeze.

 A baby shark that people were excited to see on the beach:
 My father in law saw this shark robe on one of their trips to Florida and decided Olive had to have it.  She got this gift before she was born so it was really fun to have her wear it while we were at the beach.  It was pretty thick so she only wore it when we were coming down to the beach and returning to our room.  I plan to have her use it during bath time :)

Our first family trip was a success.

 She mastered being a beach bum on her first attempt. 
Her pint sized accessories were almost too cute to handle.
 The first of many trip to the beach for our beach baby.

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