Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ready to Eat Meals

Q: What's the nicest thing you can do for a new mom?
A: Bring her ready to eat meals - breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I didn't think I'd be needing meals after I had the baby because I thought we'd have things under control.  However, we were sleep deprived, eating at odd times and going to the grocery store was the last thing on our minds those first few weeks with a new baby.  People INSISTED that they were going to bring me meals and I'm so thankful that they did.  It was so nice when a good friend showed up with a meal for us because I knew we wouldn't have to cook and it was great to visit with them.

Some great ideas for meals that I actually received were:
1. Roast, rolls, fresh fruits and veggies - enough for 2 meals!
 2. Papa Murphy's Take and Bake so we could eat it at our convenience - you may want to check in advance for the family's pizza topping preference

 3. Bagels and cream cheese from a local bakery

 4. Homemade chicken pot pie, fruit and cookies

We also got a Mexican fiesta brought to us one night along with a few dinner gift cards.

TIPS when bringing someone dinner:
1. Call/text ahead of time to schedule a good time to bring dinner.  It's hard to eat a ton of food  before it goes bad if several people bring dinner at the same time.
2. Ask in advance about food allergies or food dislikes so that you bring something the family will eat.
3. Bring all of your food in disposable containers so that the new mom does not have to worry about returning your family heirloom platters when they are done with your food.
4. Don't forget the healthy things.  Comfort food is great but having fresh fruit and veggies prepared is so nice.

I have only made a few dinners to take to people over the years and it's usually been after a surgery.  This whole idea of making others dinner to help them out has got me thinking of all the scenarios when people would love to have a dinner delivered to them: death in the family, going through rough times, post surgery, new baby, new to the neighborhood or just because you want to give them a night off from cooking.  Who could you make dinner for this week?  I challenge you to do it!!

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  1. Another good thing about the south!! After my surgery in June I didn't cook for 3 weeks because people in my neighborhood got together and picked days to cook for us. It was such a blessing and we had so much good food!
    The chicken pot pie looked so good!!


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