Monday, August 12, 2013

Cats Meet Baby

We met with our vet ahead of time to get tips for preparing our cats for the arrival of their sister.  We didn't want them to be traumatized and wanted it to be a smooth transition.  
Our vet suggested we: keep their routines as normal as possible, not make any big changes, give them as much attention as we could and let them sniff the baby and check her out.

We followed her suggestions and our cats were still on edge and jumpy for weeks.  They hid under our couches, only came out at night and were eating less than normal.  We tried to love on them but the baby cries, being up at all hours and the lack of free lap space was disturbing to them.

It took ONE MONTH for the cats to acclimate.  WE did all of the above items plus let them check out all of the new baby items that were coming into the house, let them sniff her blankets and tried to give them lots of attention when the baby was sleeping.

They are now buddies with Olive and can be seen sniffing her sleeping beside her and being curious about her.  They even come and find me if she's crying as if to say, "Mom, the baby needs you!"  So don't let people tell you that you must get rid of your cats when you have kids.
 Topher is Olive's guardian :)

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  1. The pic of Tophers tail wrapped around Olives feet is precious!! So happy they are adjusted to their little sis!! They are great big brothers! My Google acct is acting wonky so I had to be anonymous!


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