Saturday, August 31, 2013

Beach Baby Tips

If you are taking a baby to the beach,
I have some great tips for you.
We took Olive when she was 6 weeks old and had a wonderful time.

We packed the following items for her to wear:
regular diapers (because she wasn't going to be getting in the water)
cover up
sun hats - one with a chin strap will stay on the best
 I found the hat and cover up at Old Navy and they were perfect!
True to size, fit really well and was adorable.

We avoided the hottest, sunniest parts of the day and went down to the beach in the early morning or late afternoon hours.  We also rented a large umbrella and chairs to give us plenty of shade.  I packed bottles, bibs, diapers, pacis, paci clip, a light weight blanket, wet wipes and ziploc bags in a mini diaper bag.  She had her own beach towel to lay on while she was on our laps.  We fed her while we were at the beach, she napped and enjoyed the view.  I also packed my cell phone and real camera to take lots of pictures.

We kept her out of the sand, ocean and pool water because she was so little.  We also avoided putting any sunscreen on her because everything I read suggested not using it.  We kept her out of the direct sun and she was in heaven with the ocean breeze.  We stayed out in short amounts of time and went back into the condo to cool off.  We didn't want her to get overheated so we were extra cautious.  Cloudy portions of the day were prime beach times for us because it was cooler and less crowded. 

Hanging out with her dad, bib on and ready to eat.

 Being a beach baby is hard work.
If you pack accordingly and plan ahead,
taking a baby to the beach is very doable!

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