Friday, August 30, 2013

Lipstick Stains No More

I think every lady has had this problem... lipstick on fabric!  I can't tell you how many times I've smeared lipstick on a top or scarf as I'm taking it off or I have even dropped a tube of lipstick down my shirt as I was putting it on!  Since having a baby, I also noticed that I kept getting lipstick on Olive's bows/headbands.  I'd go to give her a kiss or she's bop her head into my lip and ended up with a lipstick smudge on her accessories.  Bummer.

I used to get so mad when I'd get lipstick on something but not anymore.  I recently discovered that TOOTHPASTE removes lipstick from any type of clothing or accessory material!!!!!!

How to do it yourself:
1.Choose any type of regular paste toothpaste.  This Crest is my favorite and my dentist gives it out each time we have a visit.  (Please ignore my curious cat... he comes running anytime he hears a cabinet door open!)
 2. Apply the toothpaste directly to the lipstick stained area.
 3.  Use your fingernail to scrub it around on the lipstick stain for a few minutes.
 4. Rinse or wipe down with water.  Repeat toothpaste process if you can still see remnants of the lipstick.  I have never had to repeat the process more than once.  No sign of any lipstick!  Let the item air dry and it will be good as new in no time.

I've done the toothpaste method on blouses, skirts, scarves and baby hair bows.  It works on all of them, doesn't leave a stain and leaves you smelling minty fresh :)  Give it a try real soon.

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