Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steak Burgers

We stumbled upon a delicious burger joint on our cross country adventure a few weeks ago.  We were looking for a place to grab dinner and we found

They have a huge menu, indoor and outdoor seating and everything is really fresh.  They make their own special seasoning for their burgers and use the same one for their fries.  It's available for purchase for $3.99.  We liked it so much that we got a container for ourselves.  It's delicious on burgers and tots at home too.

 We all got cheeseburgers and fries.  I'm not usually a fan of skinny fries but these were great!  The burgers are thin with crunchy edges and are so flavorful.

It was a really nice night so we ate on the patio.  There were fireworks going off nearby so we got to enjoy a little show with our dinner.  They have a kids club and the kids get a club t-shirt.  If they wear the shirt in to the restaurant, they get a free ice cream.
 Olive hanging out with Papaw and watching her first fireworks :)

 The boys opted not to get dessert but I couldn't resist.  I ordered the chocolate shake and let's just say that I'm still dreaming about it today!  It was SO good.  Made with chocolate custard, thick with a giant slurpy straw.  I made Kevin try it and he thought it was tasty too.

We stopped at the one in Salina, KS but they have many locations across the country.  For my Utah friends, they have one in St. George!!  The closest one to Little Rock is about three hours away so we'd have to take a little road trip one weekend for that meal.  So if you ever see a Freddy's, STOP and eat :)

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  1. Never heard of Freddy's but it sounds similar to our Andy's burgers shakes and fries! They have homemade custard type milkshakes called concrete because you eat them with a spoon! They are delish! Kinda like a dairy queen blizzard!! Love a good food recommendation so if I ever see a Freddy's I'm stopping!!!


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