Friday, August 16, 2013

Highlights of the Week

My week went by quickly and I'm excited for the weekend.  My husband is busy with work at his new job during the week so we are planning on going out to eat, checking out the farmer's market, exploring downtown a bit and enjoying each others company this weekend.  We also started watching Prison Break so I'm dying to see what happens next.

1. I've been eating Spaghetti O's for lunch and my favorite breakfast of toasted Lender's bagels and mixed berry cream cheese.

2. I'm getting used to the weather app on my phone looking like this:
Who knew it rained so much in the South?!?!
I need to pull out my wellies and buy some more umbrellas stat!

3.I'm making more of an effort to write handwritten notes to everyone.  I left this one on the kitchen table for my husband to find when he came home from work on a Friday.  I've been keeping the post office in business with thank you notes and other random notes.  Do you hand write notes very often?  I have an on-going list on my phone of people that I want to write to in the near future.

4. We spend our free time exploring the neighborhood and got to enjoy a fun walk as a family.  We got to see tons of people, a golf course, walk through the woods, see a giant doggy park, watched the river go by and saw tons of families out and about.  Our little stroll turned into a two hour outing.  I'm excited for cooler temps to arrive so we can get out and about more often.

5. I've been trying TONS of new recipes lately and have liked them all.
Thank you Pinterest... chicken chimichangas

Happy Weekend to you!


  1. Keep snapping those memories Whitney! So fun.

  2. Ahh one thing I don't miss about the south is the severe weather! We moved from Alabama to South Korea a year and a half ago. We still get the nice thunderstorms but no tornado sirens.

  3. So excited your settling in! Your town sounds so fantastic and fun!! And that's awesome your dad helped y'all move! You were a rock star to move a whole classroom, office, and home right after giving birth!!
    Go Irish...not go razorbacks!! Hahaha!!
    We cheer for Duke also!!


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