Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Olive Meets My Parents

I was on the phone with my parents shortly after I found out the day I was being induced.  They live in Indiana and they hadn't purchased flights because we were unsure about Olive's arrival date.  We thought she might come early but she ended up only being about a week early.  So they hopped on a flight and were in Utah ready to meet her about a week after she was born.  It worked out perfectly because we got to rest and recover while we were in the hospital and then they came a few days after we'd gotten settled in at home.
 We did all kinds of fun stuff... shopping, snuggling,
Olives' first baseball game
 Got her a swing (she looks like such a tiny baby bird here!!)
 Went to Dennys

 The weather was lovely so we went putt-putting
 The boys went racing

 Olive enjoyed all of the extra attention.
My mom brought my baby album and we compared pictures.  She has a few of my features but she looks a lot like her dad.

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