Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cousins Came to Visit

Now that we live only 7 hours from our family (we used to live 25 hours away),
we are having a lot more visitors!
My brother and his family came down to see us for one weekend 
and we had so much fun!
Olive loved hanging out with 2 of her girl cousins
Addison and Eleanor.

Addison is such a good big sister and such a sweet cousin!
She loved on Olive the whole time they were here.
She is adorable and oh so fun.
Who wouldn't want to try out a hoola hoop in the sporting goods store?!?!

 Addison wanted to help out and push Olive's stroller.  I let her and then she bumped into a rack of clothes.  She quickly checked on Olive and said, "Don't worry, she's just fine!"
I also offered her a glass of milk to go with some cookies I'd made.  I told her it was skim milk and asked if that was okay.  She replied, "Uh, Aunt Whitney, I don't like SKIN in my milk!  Do you have a different kind?"  Silly girl.

 Cutest little 1st grader I know!
 At the end of their visit, Addison told me,
"You are my favorite Aunt Whitney and you're my only Aunt Whitney.  Well, even if you weren't my only Aunt Whitney, you'd still be my favorite!!"

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