Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Beach @ Gulf Shores

We got to spend several days on the beach and were excited for the unseasonably cool temperatures.  Here are some of my favorite shots of the trip:
I'm a sucker for a bright beach umbrella.
We rented beach chairs and umbrellas so Olive was well shaded.

 Even the storm clouds are pretty at the beach.

 Olive's first trip to the beach @ 6 weeks old and she loved it!
 The four of us had a great time lounging by the water.
 Olive napped a lot, ate on the beach and enjoyed the ocean air.
I have some tips to share about taking a baby to the beach in the coming days.

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  1. So fun!! You look great and I love that suit with all those colors!! You are always so trendy and stylish... even on the beach!! Glad olive enjoyed it and y'all go to get away and relax!!


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