Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Pizza

 Thrifty Thursday: Pizza!!
My family LOVES to eat pizza and probably have it once a week.  There are so many good pizza places, but the tab can quickly add up when you add breadsticks, drinks and pizza for everyone.  

We've started to get pizza take out to save a little money.  We don't have to pay for delivery, no drinks and no sides.  I buy nacho cheese at the store, usually cut up veggies or a side salad and we have a pretty inexpensive meal at home.  Plus eating out with a toddler can be challenging so eating at home is sometimes easier.

Our favorites are Dominos Deep Dish for around $8
 Or Little Caesars Deep Dish for $8.
 We sign up for email deals with our favorite pizza places and take advantage of specials/deals throughout the week. 

Sometimes we will even make homemade pizzas when we get the craving for pizza.  They aren't much cheaper than take out pizza, but we get to personalize and add toppings to suit our taste.
Family Favorite Recipes:

Do you ever make your own pizza??


  1. We love to make our own pizza. I usually use a flatbread for the base instead of a pizza crust since I always seem to have those on hand. We have a place here that has Monday Madness take out one topping pizzas for $3. Every other day its $5. It's so hard to pass up!

  2. Pizza is probably my all-time favorite food:) We like to do homemade ones, but we also like to order out. I love when it's football/basketball season, because you get 45% off of your order from Papa John's the day after UK plays! We also really like a local place called Jet's Pizza, and they always have good deals.


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